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Brenton De Rooy – I grew up in a small coastal town called Forster in Australia, This area is known throughout Australia for it’s crystal clear water and endless miles of coastline with unlimited and uncrowded surf potential. Growing up by the ocean and spending all my free time possible there, it was only a matter of time until I picked up a camera and started shooting.

I have been shooting photos now for roughly 5 years, If you like the photos featured on my website subscribe to my blog and follow my social media (Facebook and Instagram) accounts to watch my journey and development as a photographer.

This website illustrates my best work, my photos are available to purchase or if you are looking at hiring a photographer I am willing to travel


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Forbes Howie – Originally from Edinburgh, Forbes has been travelling around Australia and New Zealand for the past year or so spreading his wings. His main passions in life are coffee and cycling but don’t let this cool facade fool you, he even did a season at Disney!

We will keep you posted on his travels and will be posting his ‘best bits’ from time to time, but if you would like to follow him on Instagram, you can find him here.

Nick Corkill – Photographer, surfer, underwater explorer, wanderer.
I have spent my adult life pursuing many different interests and looking for the next adventure. This has led me to travel the world working above and below the oceans and knocking up the air miles to qualm my wanderlust.
After 7 years in the Royal Navy I pursued a career in dive instruction which took me to working on super-yachts which is one way to see how the other 1% live. It was lacking too much meaning for me, however, it amounted to some interesting times travelling around the coasts of the stereotypical rich-man’s playgrounds.Following a short stint in the west country running a family pub next to one of Devon’s best south coast surf spots I packed my bags (again!) and moved to Australia to pursue a career in underwater videography and commercial diving eventually becoming a safety diver for James Cameron’s ‘Deep Sea Challenger’ exploration.
It’s been during these adventures, travelling, that I discovered a passion for photography, recording people and places around the globe. Now, based back in the south west of the UK I particularly enjoy documentary photography, and building stories and reasons
around the shots I take.
Oooh, and I’m also a Voice Over actor!

You can also find his awesome instagram here!

And his website here!