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Elliot Gonzo – Director, writer, artist and producer

Deforming and twisting reality ‘Elliott Gonzo’ is a Filmmaker/Artist coming from an Art background focusing on Hyperrealism, from this he has developed a very distinct style of Films and Music Videos, where form is as important as the subject. Creating and warping the world we live in by using Jean Baudrillard theories of hyperrealism within his work.Director, Writer, Designer, and Producer of short films, Documentaries and music videos, worked with ‘Decoded Sounds Productions’ record label.


Lucid Interval (Elliot’s production company)





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My name is Ulrika. A 20 year old, life loving, traveling and cold water surfing human. I’m a photo- and videographer born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I started photographing when I still was a little girl. I found it somehow exciting and interesting, discovering I could capture a moment exactly how I experienced it. At the age of 16 I moved to the little island outside of Stockholm called Gotland, to study photography and film making. Three years of studies developed a huge desire in me to see the world
and to convey my own experience of it to my fellow human beings. Today, my biggest ambition is to travel as much as possible and to hopefully awaken this desire in other people too.

Instagram – @ulrikaslotte
Facebook – Ulrika Slotte