The Craftsmen




Daisy’s passion for our natural world has encouraged her to work in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible. As well as using recycled sterling silver wherever possible in her pieces, her packaging is made entirely from recycled and bio-degradeable materials. The beginning of 2017 also saw Daisy launch her 1 tree project: For every piece of jewellery that is sold, 1 tree is planted to aid permanent reforestation projects around the World.




Snell Brothers Surfboards 

SBS are a surfboard design company that are based in the South coast of the UK and have been developing surfboard & SUP designs since 2010. They are a small company but they have big dreams!


West Coast Surf Wax



From start to finish every bar is hand crafted in our production suite, from mixing to pouring, to wrapping and packing. Every ingredient used is fully sustainable and 100% natural, providing a natural solution to traction, whilst contributing to less reliance on oil.
We are a small independent company and all our products are created and tested by us and our team of surfers.



DYLAN Surfboards




One of the most highly regarded surfer shaper’s in the world,

Dylan is known for his big wave antics and his free surfing all around the globe.

The boards that you’ll find here are the end result of every tube, every air, every carve he has made – It all flows through.



Bula Batiki



Our primary aim is to establish a sustainable source of income for the rural island of Batiki in Fiji. Producing coconut oil allows the villagers to earn more than double their previous income form selling copra (dried coconut). We are 100% ethical in all stages of our product, from the second the coconut first sows its seed into the ground, to the second it reaches you.



Six Foot and Clean




Six Foot and Clean evolved from our love of the surfing lifestyle, travelling and living out of vans. Our soap and shampoo bars are designed to be practical for travelling and storage, no more messy bottles leaking all over your kit.
Each soap is handmade using the traditional cold press method, although this takes longer to produce, we think you will agree that it creates a far superior soap.