The Craftsmen!


Snell Brothers Surfboards

SBS are a surfboard design company that are based in the South coast of the UK and have been developing surfboard & SUP designs since 2010. They are a small company but they have big dreams!

As brothers being brought up by the coast it was natural that the water became our second home and after surfing for many years throughout the UK and the world, they started to find themselves becoming more interested in board design and changing/developing the boards we had. So a natural progression was then to start to modifying their own surfboards and experimenting with designs to suit the varied surf conditions on the south coast and the rest of the UK, so after few years of research, design, prototypes and testing sessions later, they have found their designs to not only be some of the most responsive and easiest to catch waves but with great durability, style and great value. One of SBS’s key concepts is to push and pursue new, modem designs & shapes that reflect the new school style of surfing as well as testing materials to match the 21st century surfers needs.

They  keep in touch with all of their customers & take on any ideas for improvements to create the ultimate boards..

Our main focus at SBS is to dedicate ourselves to creating great performance and quality throughout all our boards at the most affordable prices.

You can find the guys here, take a look at their site and who knows – you might want to treat yourself to a board!

They also have a youtube site which you can find here



Introducing Sophie Warren- she’s a free spirit!

Life’s little treasures are special, rare and often come with a beautiful story, they are the ingredients that make up our planet and should be recognized, appreciated and protected, Sophie’s jewellery is no exception to this. Her pieces make people stop and think about life in our oceans and about the negative and positive effects we can have.

In her collections you can expect to find fine gold and silver ocean animals, delicate patterned seashells and sparkling colourful opals. Her pieces are handmade and therefore one of a kind, inspired by the beauty that is our home.

Sophie makes a conscience effort to be as eco friendly as she can, as her pieces evolve and time goes by her business continues to develop how eco friendly it can be.
Working from her spare bedroom, with tools I have had for years, I do not own a car and travel to work is usually just a 30 second journey away. Her gemstones are sourced from neighboring countries, those of which are under developed, poor and underpaid, supporting local artisans who need business to stay alive and her packaging is made from recycled burlap, she doesn’t  use plastic and her metals and scrap are broken down and reused.

You can experience Sophie’s work here and we know you’ll love it!


Daisy Brown (b. 1993) is an Aussie artist, freelance illustrator and designer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Inspired by the small town that sits on the edge of paradise, Daisy’s illustrations mirror the reality of her experiences, psychedelics, wildlife and serene surroundings of the natural environment. Daisy’s unique work celebrates the unanimity and energy of peace and love, and offers an escape from reality… Here, animals boast three eyes, symbols become organic objects and faces melt into lickable patterns.

Showcasing her versatility as an artist, Daisy works on a variety of mediums; virtually on any surface; including paper, canvas, woodblock, tile, brick wall, skateboards and surfboards.

The artist has expanded her collection to industrial materials such as quality stretched canvas, acrylic glass and brushed aluminium.

Other merchandise in the near future of production includes stickers, magnets, embroidered patches, ceramics, iPhone cases and more!

More recently, Daisy has recently ventured into the digital realm, editing and designing original illustrations. Many of these artworks are printed onto quality apparel as part of her new clothing range.

As an extension of Daisy’s own imagination, her playful illustrations invite you to expand your consciousness and dive into her alternate reality. She openly encourages artists interested in collaborating, and lovers of original and commissioned artwork, to contact her.

You can follow here on the blog here