The Blogging Team!

We are extremely lucky to be working with a team of very talented people and so we wanted to give them all a little shout out! All of their bio’s include links to their personal social network and websites, so give them a follow to keep up to date with all of their adventures!


Gus Warriner – this lovely man is the first blogger on our team and just so happens to be the founder and one of the owners of the company! He is currently on a two year adventure, travelling around Australia and Bali. He is big into his surfing, kayaking, climbing and music. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for his blogs – they are sure to keep you entertained!!

You can also keep up to date and follow his adventures on his instagram, which can be found here 
Ngong Hills


Calum Warriner – You may recognise the surname, thats right Calum is brother #3 of the Warriner family and is currently spending a year working and travel in Kenya.

Calum works on water security for smallholder urban famers in the Kibera slum whilst working across gender and climate change advocacy. He is a very smart and caring man and we love him dearly. Calum is learning Swahili in his spare time and loves to explore the countryside of Kenya.

You can hear all about Calum’s incredible work and travels here.



Grace Melville – Introducing Grace. Grace is currently studying English at Newcastle University and like all our guest bloggers has the travel bug. When Grace isn’t exercising her need for knowledge she is booking trips around the world with all that SPARE money and time students have! ha.

Based in the North East of England and routes in London you can find Grace blogging here.

Laura Ruedebusch –  from sun enthusiast, to traveller, to content creator, meet Laura.

”To say ‘no’ more often and less to explain why… To laugh louder even if only I got the joke… To dance like nobody is watching and watch how everyone is dancing, is the motto Laura lives by.

After finishing college, Laura swapped her secured lifestyle for a one way ticket into exploring the world, a camera and walking fast for living slow.

She since decided to share her love for fashion, different cultures, coffee and wellbeing by publishing parts of her journey on social media like Instagram (Randomwaterbeats) and her website (

Laura is a life enthusiast, always hungry to know more and happily dancing on the beautiful line between reality and fairy tale.
Schermata 2015-12-07 alle 10.57.12

Kaori Freda was raised in sunny Boho LA, and insisted on wearing sandals during most of her time studying at Reed College in rainy Portland. She is currently volunteering at Pelan Village on the Bonin Islands, a grueling 25 hour ferry ride from Tokyo. The islands are a veritable paradise, teeming with bright tropical fish, hula lessons, surfers, fishermen, and friendly natives.
When Kaori isn’t building houses, shelling cocoa beans, and snorkeling, she is blogging and creating new bodies of work in artist residency programs around Asia. You can read about her latest project here.



Harry Balfour is an avid traveller, keen blogger and developing photographer on a trip blazing a path all of his own just for you guys to enjoy. Harry spread his wings from cosy East Sheen in South London to tackle whatever slightly planned exploration had to through at him.

Now wandering the world one destination at a time and learning about many different cultures and escaping from all the troubles a young man has, of which we’re told there’s many ha.

You can follow his antics on his instagram @barelybackpackers and his adventures round the world on his blog here.

Josh Peck comes to our blogging team with a huge wealth of travel experience. We are really excited to have him on board!
Josh kicked off his travels by buying a van off a llama trader and converted it into camper van to take with him around the length of breadth of Australia. He also is a keen surfer and spent a good portion of his trip experiencing the Australian waves.
From there he spent 6 months in South East Asia including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam
Josh also does quite a bit of charity fundraising including the Nijmegen Marches in Holland, climbing Mont Blanc/Aguile De Midi and also is planning to partake in a marathon this year.
We can’t wait to hear more about his travels!


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