Surfing Norway – With Nick Corkill pt.3

And so we bring you the last instalment from Nick and his travels in Norway. It is always such a struggle for us when he sends in his pictures to decide which ones to pick, but we hope you have enjoyed them and we look forward to seeing what he has in store for us next!


We decided to go for a hike today. I say hike, It was a small mountain that we had to traverse with none of us having any real ‘mountain walking’ experience other than wearing North Face jackets and going to climbing walls ( I don’t even do that) but I think we did a good job! Even if Adam was dressed like he was going on a night-out and I had the worst sprained ankle I think I have ever had…. “Lets go for a little walk shall we? We’ll can surf later” …….. 9 kilometres and 1000 ft later we made it, apart from not being able to tweet or get a good latte at the summit I was pretty chuffed!

We didn’t surf….!

Later that evening my mate James from Bristol turned up with a friend at our lodge (as you do, just passing by in the Arctic) and joined us for dinner. Later that evening we had our first taste of the Northern Light’s which blew our MINDS!!!!! 6 lads running ( me hobbling) around a field shrieking with delight and annoying James into lending me his camera gear and to get some pictures! (He  had also basically brought a small ‘Jessops’ store with him!)




Last day so Mee-Mee ( French surf instructor empress) took us to Kvalvika where the film ‘North Of The Sun’ was made. We hiked in, surfed, had a bonfire, hiked out, saw more northern lights (yawn) got back to the surf lodge (Unstad Arctic Surf Camp) where the camps owner, local shredder, Tommy had prepared a traditional Norwegian hot tub (outside)….the whole thing was very, very, VERY cool! ( bordering on ‘Hipster’ but no one has to know that..!)





Our final day was another long day of travel back to Bristol

It was an incredible trip with some incredible people and given the chance I would go back in a heartbeat!


Meet the Labels! Tails and Whales

Founded in 2015 by Luis Vaz, Tails and Whales is dedicated to creating products that focus on form and function, as well as versatility, durability and most importantly, the user experience.


The brand name originated from the whale, the giant mammal of the deep sea that has adapted it’s form over time to flourish in its natural environment with a strong tail that propels it’s functional movement. This is the core behind the brand identity and what we aim to achieve with some elements of biomimicry to the whale: adaptability, movement, balance and simplicity. Each product resembles and reflects a whale species closest to its design. The Bowhead, a multi-function backpack, is the first product to sprout from Tails and Whales.


The name represents durability, thickness and a ruggedness that Bowhead Whales possess. As the oldest mammal, the Bowhead represents longevity and quality – a product that is made to last. The Bowhead is the swiss army knife of backpacks, designed to alleviate the pains of organizing and storing surf gear  – on your back, in your car and on and the airplane –  making it  it easier to travel to  your favorite surf-spot, regardless of the distance. The Bowhead is made of water-resistant Cordura, and provides a 35L of total storage space while still being FAA-compliant for carry on travel. The bag is divided into compartments so surfers can keep their gear organized and maintain a separation between wet and dry gear: it includes 5 separate storage areas (2 large, 1 medium and 2 small), all secured with reinforced waterproof YKK Zippers.


In addition to the standard shoulder straps, the Bowhead features a hook and strap mechanism that allows surfers to attach their bag to the backseat of the car in a matter of seconds. This helps you to organize all your gear while maintaining trunk space, and allows for easy access to the pockets. This unique design also allows the customer to unfold the back into a flat plane that can be used to protect your surfboards while travelling, used as a chair at a busy airport, or as an additional division to store more items. The Bowhead provides all of the features that people have come to expect from a high-quality backpack, and adds a unique level of functionality and performance designed for active explorers that require a higher level of versatility, durability and efficiency.

Our Story

Tails and Whales is owned by Canvaz Design Studio, based in Matosinhos, Portugal. Canvaz was founded and is run by Luis Vaz, an avid surfer, traveller and professional UI/UX designer with over 10 years of experience in branding, marketing, advertising and mobile/web design. Canvaz focuses primarily on developing best-in-class digital interfaces and crafting seamless user experiences for consumer products. Tails and Whales was founded as the Studio’s performance brand, and will focus on the design and development of fashionable and functional gear for outdoor sports – specifically, surfing. The Studio includes a workspace that serves as the company’s headquarters, as well as a showroom for Tails and Whales branded product; all 500 meters from the Beach.



My profession is as a UI/UX designer, and my passion is surfing. I have spent many early mornings warming up with a cup of coffee just before dawn, trying to preheat my body before jumping into the cold water for a sunrise surf session. I’ve also spent countless hours travelling – driving, flying, walking – in search of the best swell in isolated places. Being able to pick up and move quickly to wherever mother nature decides to create a swell, requires a certain amount of efficiency and discipline in one’s preparations. You don’t want to rush to the beach, only to find that you’ve forgotten your surf wax, or finish your session and not have anywhere to put that soaked wetsuit. But you also have to be cognizant of not overloading or over-packing your bag – being quick, nimble and versatile is the name of the game. To that end, I was always struggling to find a bag that suited my needs; being both large enough to carry my gear, but comfortable and compact enough to travel easily with, and of course durable enough to take a beating. The Tails and Whales performance brand, and our flagship product, The Bowhead surf bag, was born out of my own desire to solve these issues for myself.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 17.02.40
“I started out to create a backpack that allowed me to keep my surf gear organized – large enough to fit the necessities, but compact enough not to slow me down while I went searching for the swell. After selling a number of my own prototypes – literally right off my back – I decided it was time to make a business out of it, which is how Tails and Whales was born.” – Luis Vaz, Founder of Tails and Whales

You can find these guys here and we will also be stocking them in our long awaited store!


Bowhead Product:








2016 Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Result – Round 2

Competition is heating up over at the Gold Coast. Here are the results for Round 2!

Heat 1
Adrianode Souza BRA – Wave 1: 7.77 Wave 2: 7.53 Total: 15.30
Wade Carmichael AUS – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 4.67 Total: 11.00

Heat 2

Sebastian Zietz HAW – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 7.60 Total: 13.10
Julian Wilson AUS – Wave 1: 5.10 Wave 2: 6.77 Total: 11.87
Heat 3
Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.23 Wave 2: 9.50 Total: 15.73
Kelly Slater USA – Wave 1: 6.17 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 13.10

Heat 4 

JoshKerrAUS – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 8.00 Total:13.50
Adam Melling AUS – Wave 1:4.50 Wave 2: 6.33 Total: 10.83
Heat 5
RyanCallinanAUS – Wave 1:7.67 Wave 2: 8.07 Total:15.74

Jordy Smith ZAF – Wave 1.5.33 Wave 2:6.67 Total:12.00

Heat 6

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1:7.43 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 14.36

Davey Cathels AUS – Wave 1:5.83 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 12.66

Heat 7

Conner Coffin USA – Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 6.33 Total13.33
Kai Otton AUS – Wave 1: 4.83 Wave 2: 8.33 Total: 13.16

Heat 8

Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave 1: 8.17Wave 2: 7.20 Total: 15.37

Alex Ribeiro BRA – Wave 1: 6.57 Wave 2: 6.90 Total: 13.47

Heat 9

Kanoa Igarashi USA – Wave 1:7.17 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 12.27

Keanu Asing HAW – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 5.93 Total: 12.26

Heat 10

Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1:5.93 Wave 2: 5.50 Total: 11.43

Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 5.00 Wave 2: 4.07 Total: 9.07

Heat 11

Caio Ibelli BRA – Wave 1: 6.00 Wave 2: 6.17 Total:12.17
Jack Freestone AUS – Wave 1: 5.33 Wave 2: 5.47 Total: 10.80 
Heat 12 
Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1: 5.43 Wave 2: 3.77 Total: 9.20
Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 4.10 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 9.20

Above the Wedge – Air Reel Productions

Aerial work featuring this emblematic break in Newport Beach, CA. We have always been fascinated by this freak of Nature and wanted to capture it from new angles and lightning. Total respect for surfers, bodysurfers and bodyboarders that risk it on every swell to experience the rush of this emblematic wave.

Location: The Wedge (Newport Beach, CA, USA)
Date: July 2014
Music: Sound Design & Music Composition by Mark Hills at Soho Square Studios (London, UK)

Above The Wedge from Air Reel Productions on Vimeo.