‘Road to the Mountains’: Skookumchuck- British Columbia- EP3

We continue to follow the amazing journey of our favorite world champion kayaker Nick Troutman on his epic adventures around the globe.

The Third entry to his online series ‘Road to the Mountains’ – we hope you are enjoying his travels as much as we are!


‘Road to the Mountains’: L’Dub White Salmon- EP2 with Nick Troutman

Another update for Nick Troutman on his travels! We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

We have made it to the west coast, and driven north to White Salmon Washington to meet up with some friends and get some creek race training in on the famous Little White River.


Follow more from Nick here.


‘Road to the Mountains’. On the Road Again – EP1 with Nick Troutman

So excited to be following Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson on their journey! They are on a big old road trip whilst preparing for the 2016 GoPro Mountain Games and are going to be keeping us up to date on their progress through their Youtube videos!

Keep following his progress here.

Meet the Athletes! Nick Troutman

We are very excited to announce our partnership with this man! The things that he can do in a kayak are truly astonishing!  Having the balls to even attempt some of the drops and lines he runs is enough, but to come out the other side alive and smiling .. well that shit is just NUTS!


Nick is 28 and grew up in Beachburg Ontario on the famous Ottawa River, he has a house in Rock Island TN but mainly resides in a RV living on the road 8-10 months of the year.

His list of accomplishments are truly impressive:
World Freestyle Kayak Champion
North American Champion
8x National Champion
GoPro Mountain Games Gold Medalist
First Full descents of the Rio Alseseca and Rio Jalacingo in Mexico
Expedition leader and team member for multiple first decent rivers
Film maker/ photographer
GoPro, Adidas, and Jackson Kayak