Skin Bliss: You need to try this stuff !!!

Skin Bliss

This is a product that will change the way you experience the outdoors,


Have you ever been hiking in the New Zealand bush, trying to relax on tropical beaches, enjoying a romantic sunset with your loved one or do anything remotely outdoorsy ? If you have you’ll know the feeling when you’re confronted with the extremely irritating hum, buzz and bites of blood thirsty bugs. Not only do they skit around in your vision obscuring the views, but they gorge themselves on your tasty blood too!



Introducing Skin Bliss


It will amplify your enjoyment of the outdoors; helping to maximise your time outside, allowing you to remain bite free. Oh yeah another thing, it will and make you smell down right divine.


How ? What is Skin Bliss ?

Let me enlighten you to a bite free world of pure perfume.

Skin Bliss

  • 100% natural
  • 17 beneficial herbal essential oils to repel insects and enhance healing
  • Zero chemical additives
  • 82% certified organic ingredients which protect, nourish and soothe the skin
  • Super effective
  • Ethical production standards; it is not tested on animals
  • Smells exquisite
  • Immediate and long-lasting protection
  • It’s also a natural sun screen


I am a sea kayak guide in the Abel Tasman National Park where this product is hand made and produced. I use Skin Bliss on a daily basis to keep the pesky sand flies at bay. It also helps a hairy outdoorsman like myself smell FANTASTIC.

I cannot recommend or even think of a product that comes close to the effectiveness of Skin Bliss.

100% organic

100% Kiwi

You need some Skin Bliss in your life.


You can buy it here:


Stay stoked & keep exporling bite free.




New Zealand – The Instagram Edit pt 3. By Forbes Howie

So here we have another update from the lovely Forbes. He was out in Christchurch for the Earthquakes, so we are very happy to report that he is fine and cracking on with his amazing trip. Stay safe and happy people!



New Zealand – The Instagram Edit pt 2. by Forbes Howie

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Here, get a photae of me standing in this field.

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The #remarkables from my balcony. #queenstown

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Not bad #Queenstown ….not bad!

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The Two Bearded Men Story

To follow up on our lovely piece from Forbes about his time in New Zealand, we have this lovely film from the production company “Two Bearded Men’. As self proclaimed explorers we thought that they would make a fantastic  feature on the site.

Two Bearded Men represents our chosen way of life. We are a team of real, passionate, driven, kiwi film makers telling stories that we love. We surround ourselves with an incredible, inspirational environment, and thrive off creating innovative and award winning work. Moving image, human voice, and music are our vehicles for communication.

The Two Bearded Men Story from Two Bearded Men on Vimeo.



GVSCo xx

New Zealand – The Instagram Edit by Forbes Howie.

Forbes is currently touring around New Zealand with only a bike, his car and a crazy passion for coffee to keep him going!

He has let us take a little insight into his travels by way of his amazing Instagram feed, so hope you guys enjoy and fingers crossed we will be seeing a lot more from him in the future!


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