Meet the Carftsmen! WAW Hand Planes


Handplanes for the Planet!

A surf brand that is committed to giving back.

WAW Handplanes founder Rikki Gilbey, grew up on the sunny coast of Devon, England and moved to Sydney Australia in 2010. He took with him, his love for sea and created a company that combines his passions for woodworking, surfing and environmental protection.

Hand-planed handplanes – it makes sense right? And so does our commitment to giving back.

Bodysurfing is about as organic a pastime as one can undertake and to keep it that way, we make our handplanes out of 100% sustainable, recycled & reclaimed materials. Plus! We plant a native tree for every handplane we sell through the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund #onetreeonehandplane, which means you can get barrelled without leaving a trace.

WAW’s timber handplanes are expertly designed and technically sound.

Timber is not only an environmental choice; It is also well regarded as the best material for performance handplanes. Neutrally buoyant and long lasting, we pride ourselves on a product for life, which is why all WAW Handplanes come with a lifetime warranty.

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Meet the Craftsmen! Salt & Silver by Katie


Introducing Katie Rudd an inspired crafts woman behind Salt & Silver Jewellery.


Salt & Silver Jewellery

Salt & Silver Jewellery is a small, handmade jewellery company based on the East coast of England, owned by Katie. In 2013 Katie began making jewellery as a hobby and made gifts for family and friends, the word spread quickly and in early 2014 she designed her first collection and officially set up the company and began trading.


Having always lived by the coast and having enjoyed surfing in her teenage years Katie was naturally drawn to beach style designs and still draws her inspiration from the ocean and natural environment. Her style of jewellery has a rugged and organic finish, while maintaining timeless elegance, always. Each piece has been individually designed and handmade in her home workshop, in the small coastal town of Cleethorpes. This handmade approach makes each piece entirely unique.


Passionate about protecting the world we live in and the creatures who live alongside us Katie has created most of her jewellery from recycled 925 sterling silver (Eco Silver), and has designed a collection using beautiful pieces of sea-glass and beach pottery that she has collected when scouring the beach and removing rubbish and junk that has washed up. All packaging is made from recycled paper and card, waste from her jewellery making process is minimal and any waste that is created is then melted back down to be re-used.

Things have moved quickly since the business was set up and Katie has been inundated with orders from the collection, even so she always sets time aside to create bespoke creations and custom orders, working closely with her client to create something truly special.



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Meet the Craftsmen! Sophie Jade Jewellery

Introducing Sophie Warren- she’s a free spirit!

Life’s little treasures are special, rare and often come with a beautiful story, they are the ingredients that make up our planet and should be recognized, appreciated and protected, Sophie’s jewellery is no exception to this. Her pieces make people stop and think about life in our oceans and about the negative and positive effects we can have.

In her collections you can expect to find fine gold and silver ocean animals, delicate patterned seashells and sparkling colourful opals. Her pieces are handmade and therefore one of a kind, inspired by the beauty that is our home.

Sophie makes a conscience effort to be as eco friendly as she can, as her pieces evolve and time goes by her business continues to develop how eco friendly it can be.
Working from her spare bedroom, with tools I have had for years, I do not own a car and travel to work is usually just a 30 second journey away. Her gemstones are sourced from neighboring countries, those of which are under developed, poor and underpaid, supporting local artisans who need business to stay alive and her packaging is made from recycled burlap, she doesn’t  use plastic and her metals and scrap are broken down and reused.

You can experience Sophie’s work here and we know you’ll love it!