Fiji Pro – Round 3 & 4 Results

For all those keen beans and WSL lovers you’ll know these results, but hey ho let’s go ahead and relive it anyway.

Jason Andre Round 3

Jadson Andre closing in on victory in Round 3 @ Fiji Pro – Ed Sloane – Source:

Round 3

Heat 1 – Gabriel Medina absolutely dominates the opener with a Total score of 14.50

Heat 2 – A really close heat with Michel Bourez edging it over Kanoa Igarashi with a Total of 7.67

Heat 3 – Another close heat, but Dusty Payne takes the win with a Total of 7.20

Heat 4 – It’s the crowds favourite and WSL legend Kelly Slater that takes the heat from Jordy Smith with a Total of 16.56

Heat 5 – Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas takes the win in a close call with Conner Coffin with a Total of 6.94

Heat 6 – Adriano de Souza takes the win with a massive second wave of 9.10 taking him to a total of 15.27

Heat 7 – Another Brazilian victory for Jadson Andre, taking the win with a Total of 14.50

Heat 8 – AUS man Josh Kerr takes the win beating Jeremy Flores of France with a Total of 14.26

Heat 9 – Saw a aussie face off between Fanning and Melling with Fanning coming out on top with a Total of 13.40

Heat 10 – A huge high scoring heat between Florence and Burrow both topping the 18+ mark, but it was the man from Hawaii, John John Florence that took the win with a Total of 18.76

Heat 11 – Adrain Buchan taking the win in heat 11 over Miguel Pupo, with a Total of 13.54

Heat 12 – High flying Matt Wilkinson takes the final heat in round 2 with a Total of 13.93

Connor Coffin Fiji Pro

Connor Coffin Freesurfing @ Fiji Pro – Ed Sloane – Source:

Round 4

In round 4 we see the heats increase to 3 surfers in the water and going on the Total’s things definitely got good!

Heat 1 – Saw Gabriel Medina beat of Dusty Payne and Michel Bourez for Heat 1 victory with a Total of 14.60

Heat 2 – With a victory repeat of Round 3, Kelly Slater took Heat 2 with a crushing Total of 19.77 over Brazilian due Dantas and de Souza

Heat 3 – Another high scoring heat with Mick Fanning taking the win with a Total of 18.07 over Josh Kerr and Jadson Andre.

Heat 4 – What better way to take us into Round 5 than nail biting finish in heat 4. Aussie man Matt Wilkinson takes the win with a Total of 16.56 narrowly seeing off JJ. Florence with a Total of 16.43, and Buchan on 15.16.

Stay tuned for the results of Finals to come.


WSL 2016 Fiji Pro – Round 1 & 2 Results

It’s been a while since we’ve covered the WSL, but its back on GVSCo and we catch up with the Mens action in FIJI!

Round 1

Heat 1 – John John Florence of Hawaii takes the win with a Total of 10.33

Heat 2 – Filipe Toledo of Brazil wins with a Total of 13.76

Heat 3 – Jason Andre again of Brazil takes the win with a wave average score of 14.60

Heat 4 – Keanu Asing edges out Gold Coast Champ Matt Wilkinson with an average waves score of: 13.04

Heat 5 – Miguel Pupo of Brazil wins with a heavy 15.23, secured with a smashing 2nd wave averaging 8.23! 

Heat 6 – Adriano de Souza takes the heat with a Total of 11.73

Heat 7 – Matt Banting of AUS takes the heat with 10.34 average.

Heat 8 – Wiggolly Dantas takes the win with a huge 15.60! Wave 1 coming out on top at 8.17 

Heat 9 – Jeremy Flores of France taking the heat for us Europeans! Winning with a waves total of 12.67

Heat 10 – Jordy Smith takes the heat with a sensational two waves, wave 1 coming in from the judges at 9.00! Taking his heat winning total to a massive 16.67. 

Heat 11 – Aussie Adam Melling takes the win with a wave total of 11.26. 

Heat 12 – And we often save the best till last, and this blog is no exception. The surfing genius that is Kelly Slater showing how its done again taking the heat with a huge 16.13 and besting the day with the highest scoring wave at 9.03! 


Source: (Kelly Castari)

Round 2

Heat 1 – Brazilian Italo Ferreira takes the heat with a wave Total of 10.67

Heat 2 – Matt Wilkinson is back in action and taking names, winning the heat with a Total of 13.10

Heat 3 – Gabriel Medina wins with a punchy 15.94

Heat 4 – Alejo Muniz saw off Aussie Julian Wilson, taking the heat with a Total of 14.00

Heat 5 –  Mick Fanning beating his fellow countrymen Kai Otton and taking the heat with an impressive 16.10

Heat 6 – Dusty Payne takes the heat with serious 16.50,  helped much by his epic 2nd wave, judges giving it 9.33

Heat 7 – Taj Burrow beats Caio Ibelli of Brazil with a Total of 15.30 

Heat 8 – Kanoa Igarashi back in form taking Heat 8 with a wave Total of 13.17

Heat 9 – Josh Kerr of AUS takes the win with a wave Total of 15.00 on the nose.

Heat 10 – Michel Bourez wins by 2.67 over Stuart Kennedy with a Total of 11.50

Heat 11 – Adrain Buchan wins after two decent waves taking the heat with a Total of 14.87

Heat 12 – Conner Coffin takes the win over Davey Cathels with a Total of 13.17