A Wintery Weekend in Croyde – by Nick Corkill

We love to see people getting out and enjoying the British surf – no matter the weather! Nick has once again made us get itchy feet and we can’t wait to get back out on the water!


Andrew Cotton – The Big Wave Surfer

Extreme TV put together a great 6 part TV program about the big wave surfer Andrew Cotton.

This nail-biting 6-part series follows the elite big wave surfer Andrew Cotton as he attempts to ride the most monstrous waves on the planet. Most days Andrew is a family man, a lifeguard, and occasionally a plumber, but when the swells begin to surge he dons his wetsuit and goes ride for ride with the best big wave surfers in the world. Over the last year his exploits in Portugal, Ireland and beyond have consistently put him in the running to catch waves bigger than any that have ever been surfed. We go behind the scenes and straight to the front lines with Andrew as he and his partners redefine the ridden realm.

We will be posting all six parts over the next few weeks for your viewing pleasure. If you have time though check him out, really nice dude and a bloody hard worker!