Meet the Photographers! Morna Packer

Growing up in Cornwall I was spoilt for choice with the abundance of beaches upon which to enjoy spending my time. With such picturesque surroundings I found myself getting interested in photography and filming from my early teenage years – a passion that has continued to grow.


Alongside my love for the lens, my first passion is actually in music. I’ve done it for as long as I can recall, and some of my favourite memories have been made whilst gigging and touring with different friends and bandmates over the years.  This will always be something I love doing and I’m currently working on a solo album. I’ve found that music and photography have fitted in nicely with my itchy feet, and in my experience of travelling, a camera and an instrument are some of the most fun and rewarding items you can carry with you!


The lifestyle and people you meet while exploring new places are so addictive, I get away at every chance I can! At the end of 2015 I returned from Australia and New Zealand, and since then my most recent venture has been converting a small campervan to see what adventures I can embark on next! If you’d like to follow what I’m up to, or find out more, come and find me at


F*@K the system: 5 golden rules to avoid Rangers

Van Life

For those of you who have never lived and traveled around in a van for an extended period of time, lets just say it can be a total roller coaster of  frustration and fantasy. Along with losing everything ! ALL THE TIME ! Every second of the day !! To later find it in the weirdest place, stuffed inside a pillow case under all the pots and pans thinking “How the f@%k did that end up there”. You will also be grace with views and experience you can truly call your own because know body else is there doing the same things as you. The freedom and simply no f*!ks attitude to life will have you hooked, before you know it you will debating petrol prices and chasing sunsets like a dog chasing its tail.

But your main goal every evening will be to sleep undisturbed and totally free ! In the morning you will wake up with a smugg smile knowing your beat the system and out foxed the fox as you drive off with your middle finger up at “The Man”.

How to NOT get court but rangers on the road : 

  1. Stay up late and get up early
  2. If its rained in the night move your car in the morning so the ground underneath is wet ….. shows you have only recently got there …. therefore can not possibly have slept there. “Screw you ranger”.
  3. If you are parked up on dirt, move your car to make fresh tracks in the morning . The winds will cover track laid the night before.
  4. De-sleep your car or van early so it looks just parked……. put down towels covering windows, de-steam that sweat box. Then doze in peaceful bliss.
  5. Be bold and ballsy park where you want !! It’s your journey dont let ‘The Man’ tell you how and how not to be free 🙂


Get out there and live the dream !!!

Stay stoked




Great Ocean Road pt2. Gus Warriner

Following on from part 1 of the great ocean road, this is what happened next 🙂

Lorne – Apollo Bay


This stretch of coastline in my opinion was the most beautiful, a postcard backdrop at every turn and magnificent waves on secluded beaches. *just stop and take it all in. Then as we traveled down the road the scenery totally changed from the romantic beauty of just a few kilometres before to being juxtaposed against a blackened and barren landscape that was left in the wake of a raging forest fire that had happened just the week before. This was a big reality hit and made us realise just how fragile this environment was and how it can be tarnished and left to ruin in an instant. *be thankfull for where you are and what you are doing, be humbled by your trip.


In true Ocean road style we turned a corner and pulled into Kennett River, were yet again we had a life time first experience – meeting some Kolas!

One of the best places in Australia to see kolas in the wild is just outside the Kola Café. 10 meters from were we parked our car we came across three wild kolas dozing happily in the shade of a eucalyptus tree. *Stop and see these adorable sleepy bears you will fall in love and definitely not regret it. From here we continued our drive to Apollo bay.

Apollo bay – Cape Bridgwater

The drive out of Apollo bay takes you deep into the tall tall tress and woodland of Otway national park that engulfs the cape. Roughly 15k into the woods you can turn down towards the second most southerly point of Australia were the oldest lighthouse station on the mainland still stands. Along your way down this route you can also a glimpse at some more cheeky koalas as they take their midday siestas in the sun.

Again we had been told previously that morning to stop at every chance to take in the views so we did!! *I advise that you to do the same. If you don’t pull up and walk down a few dusty dirt tracks you will miss the rugged beauty of the sheer cliffs that fall way into the deep blue like a theatre curtain waiting its first premier. These views can be seen all along this stretch of coast line but are most impressive at the site  of the 12 apostles.*An absolute must. Although you might have to wade your way through a few coach loads of  tourists and swat away the endless onslaught of flies the back drop to your new profile picture is awaiting you and is 100% worth the time and effort to see and capture.

The next stop on this leg of the ocean road was a sleepy little town of Cape Bridgwater. I say  town but what I really mean is a single beach side cafe really. We were quite underwhelmed at first but once we had seen the good surf, remote location and white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see we were hooked. A 40 minute walk along the rocky cliffs takes you to Victoria’s highest point and just below you can see the main lands only colony of Australian and New Zealand fur seals. *Again a must do and see.


If you do make it down to this cute little bay, one thing you have to do is keep driving up the hill and out to the headland. You will not see another soul and the wind farm that sits on top of the rocky mars like landscape will transport you to another world. I stood there watching and listening to the huge swell smashing against the battered coast line and found a peaceful sense of belonging fall over me. I have always felt at home by the sea, and this experience truly humbled me and hit home that I want and need to inspire other to feel the way I did then.


I left more inspired, energetic and passionate about the world and what I have to offer, so please get yourself somewhere you can feel inspired and humbled!!! *Mine is by the coast find yours and visit it often. 

Stay stoked

Gus Warriner




The Great Ocean Road by Gus Warriner



The Great Ocean Road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road, the most tranquil section of coastal road you will ever drive. Meandering gracefully 373 kilometres along the sea front of Victoria this picture perfect road trip begins in Torquay, from here it’s twist and turns blows you away right up until to its eventual end in Nelson. This is a must do if you are in Australia do not be a fool a miss out!

We have some precious do’s and dont’s, top tips and handy hints that we have learnt along the way and those breath taking pictures I have been talking about. So hopefully this will give you some idea of what it is like to drive this truly epic road yourself.

The breath taking views from start to finish will make you feel as if you are living life inside a screen saver, around every corner is yet another jaw dropping mind bendingly beautiful photo opportunity. *So keep your camera close and get ready to pull over at every opportunity, trust me.


The self proclaimed surf capital of Australia is where we spent our first day and night. This easy going little surf town has a lovely buzz about it with good bars and restaurants, you will very quickly slip in beach mode. *After a day on the beach take yourself up to the top of the headland to watch the sun setting over the coast ahead and all of a sudden life has a new rose tinted glow around it.

The road from Torquay – Lorne

*Get up early and enjoy the morning activities of the wildlife around you and maybe ever a sunrise, but that might be pushing it.



Once your up you can start on the road again. We decided that our next camp was going to be in the town of Lorne down the road. This stretch of coast is home to one of the world most infamous surf breaks ‘bells beach’ a 15 minute detour off the GOR but well worth the drive, stunning cliffs that drop into a sea of blue *another must see.

Back on the Ocean road and we next found ourselves at the seafront town of Anglesea. Not a lot there but we *rented a couple of surfboards from ‘Go ride a wave’ and chilled out at ‘Main beach’ which was an ideal way to spend the day.


After sunning ourselves we made headway for our evening destination of Lorne a busy seaside settlement that is home to loads of individual surfer boutiques, café restaurants and loads of incredible *nature walk in the Great Otway national park. We did a morning trip to see *Erskine falls a short drive inside the national park a stunning drive through an ancient forest towering over you leading the way to the falls, once you are there, be careful as the rocks are slippy, I found out the hard way!

If you are a traveler on a budget be careful because this is the kind of place where you can spend money without knowing, everything from the ice creams on the beach to the cool surf shack on the boulevard are selling something that you will no doubt want. *So be thrifty and remember there is more to come.


Keep you eyes pealed for next weeks post ‘Adelaide and onwards’.

Stay stoked




Boardmasters 2015

This week is going to be a big one for us here at GVS CO. because on Wednesday night we (Alec and Nicole) are going to start our journey down to Boardmasters in Newquay.


Boardmasters is the biggest surf and music Festival in the UK and will be full of people in our target audience, so our plan is to get down there, scope out our competitors and do loads of market research. We will also be taking the opportunity to get loads of photos and content for our website and social media sites – so we should have some lovely pics to load for you guys next week!

As always with GVS Co. it wont all be business! Headline acts include Faithless, Bastille, Rudimental along with a bunch more throughout the weekend so we will be getting our fill of live music too!


One of our major milestones in our business plan for next year is that by this time next year we will be going down to Boardmasters to have our own stall and we will be showcasing our first line of clothing. This is why this trip will be invaluable as we will be able to see how everything works and prepare us for what the Festival entails.

We have also made quite a few major developments in the past couple of weeks with designers, film shoot plans and website but I will keep that for another post!

In the meantime though, have a great week and we will back to update you on all the Boardmasters fun shortly!


Wandering down this road through life…

Gus graduated from Uni about a month ago and since then, has done his very best not to stay inside! He has been splitting his time between working in the woods and teaching children outdoor education – he truly is the spirit of the Great Venture!

We always enjoy his sporadic updates and so thought that on a dreary Thursday morning you may enjoy a little insight into his life too!