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GVSCo website launch. We’re Live!

It has been a long road since 2014 and the humble beginnings of our social media campaigns. Over the two years we have developed and built an amazing following and that is down to you guys, believing, sharing and supporting us. We cannot thank you enough; all the time and work our end would have been for nothing if it wasn’t for all your constant support.

All of this love and work has brought us to this point the WEBSITE LAUNCH! We are so stoked to say that the website is now complete and live:

Please get online and check it out, and let us know what you think. Additionally please spread the word as much as you can.

GVS Co. was set up with one mission in mind – to create a place where the surfing community can access the best independent and emerging brands throughout the surfing world. Our aim was to champion the little guy, promote the true craftsmen and to keep you up to date with the next big thing and we certainly believe we’ve achieved this.

We are working with people that we like and respect and it is very important to us that everyone we take on this journey, shares our passion for ethical manufacturing and are having a positive impact on the world.

We are constantly growing and evolving, bringing new brands and products on board so take a look around, sign up to the mailing list and keep in touch, and make sure you come along for the ride!

Much love, stay stoked,


Meet the Craftsmen! Salt & Silver by Katie


Introducing Katie Rudd an inspired crafts woman behind Salt & Silver Jewellery.


Salt & Silver Jewellery

Salt & Silver Jewellery is a small, handmade jewellery company based on the East coast of England, owned by Katie. In 2013 Katie began making jewellery as a hobby and made gifts for family and friends, the word spread quickly and in early 2014 she designed her first collection and officially set up the company and began trading.


Having always lived by the coast and having enjoyed surfing in her teenage years Katie was naturally drawn to beach style designs and still draws her inspiration from the ocean and natural environment. Her style of jewellery has a rugged and organic finish, while maintaining timeless elegance, always. Each piece has been individually designed and handmade in her home workshop, in the small coastal town of Cleethorpes. This handmade approach makes each piece entirely unique.


Passionate about protecting the world we live in and the creatures who live alongside us Katie has created most of her jewellery from recycled 925 sterling silver (Eco Silver), and has designed a collection using beautiful pieces of sea-glass and beach pottery that she has collected when scouring the beach and removing rubbish and junk that has washed up. All packaging is made from recycled paper and card, waste from her jewellery making process is minimal and any waste that is created is then melted back down to be re-used.

Things have moved quickly since the business was set up and Katie has been inundated with orders from the collection, even so she always sets time aside to create bespoke creations and custom orders, working closely with her client to create something truly special.



Instagram- @saltandsilverjewellery

Meet the Craftsmen! SBS Boards

Introducing Snell Brothers Surfboards.

SBS are a surfboard design company that are based in the South coast of the UK and have been developing surfboard & SUP designs since 2010. They are a small company but they have big dreams!

As brothers being brought up by the coast it was natural that the water became our second home and after surfing for many years throughout the UK and the world, they started to find themselves becoming more interested in board design and changing/developing the boards we had. So a natural progression was then to start to modifying their own surfboards and experimenting with designs to suit the varied surf conditions on the south coast and the rest of the UK, so after few years of research, design, prototypes and testing sessions later, they have found their designs to not only be some of the most responsive and easiest to catch waves but with great durability, style and great value. One of SBS’s key concepts is to push and pursue new, modem designs & shapes that reflect the new school style of surfing as well as testing materials to match the 21st century surfers needs.

They  keep in touch with all of their customers & take on any ideas for improvements to create the ultimate boards..


Our main focus at SBS is to dedicate ourselves to creating great performance and quality throughout all our boards at the most affordable prices.


You can find the guys here, take a look at their site and who knows – you might want to treat yourself to a board!


They also have a youtube site which you can find here




Enterprise Nation – Festival of Female Entrepreuners 2015

It has been just over a month since GVS Co. visited the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs  in Bristol. This event was organised by Enterprise nation and was an opportunity to hear talks from a mix of different speakers, get advice from companies who offer help to start-ups and to meet other Female entrepreneurs.

The schedule was jam packed so we had to pick between all the events to make the most effective plan for the day and it looked a little bit like this:

  • Show me the money
  • How I built a business online
  • Massive milestones – how to achieve your goals
  • Finance your business
  • How to turn a blog into a business
  • Social media for small businesses


The image below is of the ‘How to turn your blog into a business’ talk. These woman had created three very different businesses online and it was interesting to hear how they had got there. For example we heard from Sophie Bush who set up My Warehouse Home and she had quite a direct route into the business, as she had come from a publishing background and sounded like she knew exactly the strategy she was going to take and where she wanted to get to.  Natasha Courtney Smith however had fallen into it more by accident as it was a by product of her journalism career, but now her blog is a booming business and provides most of her work.


We also heard from the lovely lady who set up ‘Too Fat to Run’. Julie created this blog after she had started to run and was faced with a lot of negativity and a lack of support and information for people in a similar situation. She did a talk about hitting major milestones and in fact she was doing one herself by standing on stage and talking to a packed room of people. I had the pleasure of talking with her after and she explained how terrified she was by the whole thing and how she had been training for the past year to get her to that point. It was very motivational to hear about her journey and how successful she has become and I really loved the fact that she inspires people to get active and gives them a positive role model in occasions where might be very few to turn to.

The biggest thing that I took out of the day however, was my discussions with the Start Up Loans Company. I had always been quite worried about considering a loan as being in debt is always something I try to stay away from, however after speaking with people from the company and listening to a talk from someone who had received a loan, it definitely mad wit seem a less daunting idea and is something we are going to consider in the future. The other great thing about the Start-up Loans company is that they provide you with a dedicated mentor for a year to help you along the way and to ensure you are doing everything you can to create an effective business.

Two people that I also need to give a nod to are Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, who is such an approachable person, an absolute font of knowledge and is happy to stand and chat to everyone, no matter how big or small your idea is.  The second person is Alison Edgar, who has recently become the Enterprise Nation Champion for the South West and runs a company called Sales Coaching Solutions. She also was more than happy to introduce me to loads of interesting people and it was so useful to speak to someone with so much knowledge!

We really had such a great day at this event. It really kicked started a lot of progress for GVS Co. hence why it has taken us so long to write this post! As ever the company keeps progressing and we step ever closer to being able to launch the brand. We are very excited!

GVS Co. x



Boardmasters 2015

This week is going to be a big one for us here at GVS CO. because on Wednesday night we (Alec and Nicole) are going to start our journey down to Boardmasters in Newquay.


Boardmasters is the biggest surf and music Festival in the UK and will be full of people in our target audience, so our plan is to get down there, scope out our competitors and do loads of market research. We will also be taking the opportunity to get loads of photos and content for our website and social media sites – so we should have some lovely pics to load for you guys next week!

As always with GVS Co. it wont all be business! Headline acts include Faithless, Bastille, Rudimental along with a bunch more throughout the weekend so we will be getting our fill of live music too!


One of our major milestones in our business plan for next year is that by this time next year we will be going down to Boardmasters to have our own stall and we will be showcasing our first line of clothing. This is why this trip will be invaluable as we will be able to see how everything works and prepare us for what the Festival entails.

We have also made quite a few major developments in the past couple of weeks with designers, film shoot plans and website but I will keep that for another post!

In the meantime though, have a great week and we will back to update you on all the Boardmasters fun shortly!


From small seeds….

If you are stumbling across this blog or have come here via our FB/Instagram or website……Welcome!!

Great Venture Surf Co. is a company that has been set up by Gus and Alec Warriner and myself. The whole concept came into being a couple of years ago when Gus and his girlfriend, Vicky, were looking at their plans for life after uni and after sometime traveling around Bali and meeting lots of like minded people, decided  to set up a  surf and life style brand. In early February 2015, Alec Warriner and I (Nicole Duncan) decided we wanted to get on board and really put our energy into making it work. Between the three of us we had experience in marketing, advertising and Gus was able to bring the creative element and the outdoor practical experience. This mean that between us we felt that we had a strong foundation to move forward with the company.

Well it has been a busy busy few months since that cold and blustery February day! We started off with lots of meetings about the plan for the brand, discussion about company formation and also trying to make some decisions on the direction for the future but we have a plan in place and are excited to get going!


We would love to keep you up to date on all the trials and tribulations we face over the next year as we ramp up to our launch and we promise it won’t all be business, we will also keep you up to date on the fun stuff we do too! If this sounds like your cup of tea, please remember to subscribe and we will hopefully be seeing you again soon!

GVS Co. Xxx