Meet the Craftsmen: Dylan Surfboards

Dylan as a brand have a reputation that proceeds them and so we were thrilled when they decided to be part of the GVSCo family! (available here)

Dylan Longbottom starting surfing at 6 years old in Cronulla, Sydney and shaped his first board in 1999, and still happens to believe it was the best board he has ever ridden! He is now based out of Bali. Mainly because Canggu is one of his favourite places to surf, has all kinds of waves and the community is so close, vibrant and they love surfing!

His brand has grown in popularity throughout the years and they were even chosen to be the brand used in the 2015 version of Point Break. They had to make up 20 different boards for the production and were ridden by Dylan himself and Laurie Towner throughout filming.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.36.25 AM.png

One of the most highly regarded surfer shaper’s in the world, Dylan is known for his big wave antics and his free surfing all around the globe.

The boards that you’ll find here are the end result of every tube, every air, every carve has made – It all flows through.

As one of the worlds best surfer/shaper’s, Dylan uses the direct influence and experience to create the most functional and responsive board’s he can.

With it being a known fact that he is a true traveller and test’s his equipment in all waves and condition’s, you know you can have confidence in what you’re getting.


 Based out of Canguu in Bali and Woolongong in Australia, the brand has been growing significantly and is now available across the UK and Europe.

Make sure and pop over to the site, to check our Dylan’s boards. We are sure you wont be disappointed!




The Nullarbor: A Drive Like No Other! By Gus Warriner

The Nullarbor, or the Nulla-boring as it is often referred to!

Would I agree with this…. yes in a way I would, or at least I can sympathise with what people were saying when they described it as very long, very boring with absolutely nothing to see for the vast majority of the journey, because this is all very true. This two day slog across the barren lands of South and West Australia will test your mental sanity as your mind aimlessly wonders into regions of your psyche that have previously never been explored, your physical endurance is tested as you have to sit on your arse for 48 hours and drive into the never ending sunbaked horizon that is your new abyss and impending doom. It will also test your friendship and or relationship with your co pilot who is also battling the inevitable onset of becoming a zombie and driving on this road for the rest of eternity.

Butttttttt having said all that I wouldn’t choose any other way to cross the Nullabour for my first time, and *you should do the same and here’s why. It is truly a magical thing being able to look straight ahead, behind, left and right all the way to the horizon and see absolutely nothing at all. All there is, is you, your van and the road you have just driven which drift away behind and the endless road ahead which appears to be dropping off the edge of the world. 

“That doesn’t sound that great Gus” and “How can nothingness be beautiful” 

I wasn’t sure how to answer these because beauty comes in many forms, this one just so happened to come in the form of nothing. I have never been somewhere that I can see so far and see nothing, it was profoundly amazing, peaceful and actually a little bit worrying. ‘I don’t not want be stuck out here all alone’ *so plan your fuel stops and take extra in a tank ….. for those just in case moments.   These worried moments were about the only exciting thing that occurred, oh and the bends in the road they put in every 500 years to make sure you are still awake. But chasing the sun west and running down the horizon for 48 hours is honestly an awesome feeling something I don’t think you can do many places on this earth. *So grab a cushion get a van and get going :). 

Lets talk tactics and tips for this epic dance with the devil, should you also choose to take it on.

  1. You MUST MUST MUST have a extremely good playlist…… make that playlists, one will not do because of the sheer amount of mood swings you will be having.
  2. Iced Coffee …… this goes without saying. Its hot, your bored and you need to stay awake 🙂
  3. A camera to hand because when you do see something it is even more exciting than you can imagine because you have seen nothing for so long.
  4. Petrol stop plan….. you 100% do not want to run out of fuel out there so keep you tanks topped up.
  5. Finally food prep, because service station food is straight up shitty.

The ‘highway to hell’ (ACDC) is waiting for you. Go drive it 🙂


Thanks for reading

Stay stoked and drive safe .

Gus Warriner