Meet the Photographers! Lachlan Callender

Lachlan is a 15 year old Photographer and filmmaker from the South Coast of Australia. He lives in a small town named Bodalla and escapes from the countryside most weekends to the beautiful coastlines of the South Coast.

Whilst Lachlan may only be 15 years old, he certainly does manage to get up to some cool stuff, so will be blogging to keep us up to date on his travels, whether that is shooting a surf trip on an ordinary weekend or working on big projects.

Lachlan originally got into photography and filming for a hobby but since his involvement with Great Venture Surf Co has realised that this is the path he would like to take in life. He is now focusing on expanding his work and hopefully one day making a living out of it. Its a tough gig but he is going to give it a go!


The secrets of Fremantle’s – TOP 5

Freo. Home to a thriving arts scene, independent retailers, creative thinkers and everyone else in between, all bound together by a humbling sense of community. I think it is fair to say that the 6 months i spent immersed in Freo life were some of the best I have had. As a traveller, Freo is the perfect place to stop and earn some coin for further travels, and the nearby airport in Perth is a spring board into Indonesia and we all know what that means…. Waves Waves Waves.



I have put together a Top 5 list of things to do during your time in Fremantle. These are not your standard “TOP 5”, so you wont find these in your lonely planet books or travel guides, these are a some local sweet spots and hidden gems.


  1. Monument hill sunset

The old Fremantle docks make for a beautiful setting as the sun sinks into sea lighting up the sky giving you the most spectacular panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. With nothing between you and the east coast of Africa, it’s a must do, believe me.


  1. Holy smokes – Bourbon Bar

A very cool low key evening spot with good music and some outstanding bar snacks, be sure to try the jerky and the scratchings!. And of course their drinks are sublime, Holy Smokes boasts a massive range of high quality Bourbons so you’ll be sure to find a new favourite.


  1. Surfing the cove

All the way up the west coast of Australia there are world famous surf breaks. But if you are short of time, then the best surf break in the local area is a spot in Cottesloe called the cove. A right hand reef break, with easy accessibility from the car park, its a low hassle way to get wet and get your fix.


  1. Coffee – Jack And The Bean

Coffee, not something that is hard to come by in Fremantle and a lot of places do great coffee. However the coffee at Jack and the Bean topped with they exceptional service made it the go to spot. Start your day right and grab a brew from Jackie and the team.

  1. Sunset markets – south beach

If you are in Freo during the summer you have to get yourself down to the sunset markets, this is the pinnacle of the Fremantle’s community spirit. Friends and families getting together, hanging out with some beers and amazing food, all prepared by local foodies who  delectable wholesome grub goes great with the beat of local musicians. Again a must do.


Thanks Fremantle, Stay stoked

Gus Warriner



“That’s Surf West” The Teaser with Federico Infantino

That’s Surf West – Margaret River WA – Fede Infantino Ita-999 from Fede ita-999 on Vimeo.

That’s Surf West is a new Windsurfing & Surfing short film.

















Federico and his girlfriend Elisa Mariani started to shooting  last October at Gnaraloo, and they decided to document the adventure with a collection of short videos and the official full Trailer and new Website coming very soon!

Jaeger Stone, Timo Mullen, Ben Severne, Federico Infantino, Ivan Zecca, Jesper Peterson, Scott Mckercher, the Severne Team and more are featured in the film

The best surfers of World at the WSL, WA locals boyz, XXL; big waves Riders , wild locations all in one film!

Follow the FB & Instagram page: That’s Surf West & Federico Infantino Ita – 999

Sponsor: GoPro, MaverX Masts, Goya Windsurfing, Quatro International, MFC Hawaii, Al360, Flymount, Elii Visual Art

The Secret Beach – By Brenton De Rooy

We are very excited to show you guys our first installment from the lovely Brenton De Rooy! This man has been working with us from the very beginning and we love his approach to surf photography and his attitude towards life!

He describes this collection as ‘A few pics, barrels and stuff from a secret spot around mid North Coast Australia.


secret spot NSW-3secret spot NSW-12secret spot NSW-15secret spot NSW-21secret spot NSW-25surf photo-8surf photo-10Surfing NSW-2Surfing NSW-3Surfing NSW-11

Meet the Labels ! Dusty Pirates

My name is Stefan Anderson, founder of Dusty Pirates Apparel.

Being of the sweet young age of 24 with the working background which includes 5 years in painting and decorating and 3 years in scaffolding (1year fly in fly out) which has helped me to fund this clothing brand venture of mine. From a young age I’ve always had a creative mind as well as an eye for fashion, so I’ve put the two together and started a clothing brand. The designs I have sketched to a basic extent myself, and then a friend, Zoe Quatermine from Quartz Design, has helped me achieve the final product of the print designs. As last summer was my 1st full season on the shelves at Common Ground in Fremantle and a local surf shop in Palmrya, Mocean Surf, I believe it was a successful season. Now moving onto my 1st winter,  I’m super excited about my older brother coming on board to assist with fulfilling orders, which is super helpful.

The name Dusty Pirates where did its come from?


A very common question I’m asked, it came from one of my hobbies which is 4X4 driving and camping, and I was in the process of creating a 4×4 club a mate and myself  were going back and fourth on  ideas and I wanted the name to have some involvement with the ocean and land, since I dig pirates and old school nautical art,pirates stuck and then obviously we ended up with Dusty Pirates. What makes my brand unique from other brands is that when in get and idea for a shirt print I like to make sure it hasn’t been done before and also this winter range will defiantly be the test as I will have some unique pieces that haven’t been done on the Perth fashion scene, the vibe for my brand is generally aimed at adventurers campers, surfers and the off roaders which I believe the market in Perth has been left wide open and Dusty Pirates is here to fill the gap.
My long term goal for this brand is to have everything hand printed by myself or my brother and printed to order (online sales) so I’m currently in the process of sourcing the equipment and researching the process of screen printing.


Contact Info:
Insta: Dustypirates
Online Store

Rip Curl Women’s Pro – Round 1,2 & 3 Results



The ladies hit the waves and we are excited to see what they have to offer. Will be interesting to see how they perform after the Quick pro results a few weeks ago.

source WSL

Round 1

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.35Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.45Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.41.03


Round 2

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.29Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.40

Round 3

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.50.54Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.51.03

Meet the Craftsmen! Daisy Brown

Daisy Brown (b. 1993) is an Aussie artist, freelance illustrator and designer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Inspired by the small town that sits on the edge of paradise, Daisy’s illustrations mirror the reality of her experiences, psychedelics, wildlife and serene surroundings of the natural environment. Daisy’s unique work celebrates the unanimity and energy of peace and love, and offers an escape from reality… Here, animals boast three eyes, symbols become organic objects and faces melt into lickable patterns.


Pipe Guy Fab Print-2


Showcasing her versatility as an artist, Daisy works on a variety of mediums; virtually on any surface; including paper, canvas, woodblock, tile, brick wall, skateboards and surfboards.

The artist has expanded her collection to industrial materials such as quality stretched canvas, acrylic glass and brushed aluminium.

Other merchandise in the near future of production includes stickers, magnets, embroidered patches, ceramics, iPhone cases and more!





More recently, Daisy has recently ventured into the digital realm, editing and designing original illustrations. Many of these artworks are printed onto quality apparel as part of her new clothing range:

DAZED transparent-2


Jelly Black MTS



As an extension of Daisy’s own imagination, her playful illustrations invite you to expand your consciousness and dive into her alternate reality. She openly encourages artists interested in collaborating, and lovers of original and commissioned artwork, to contact her.



Quicksilver Pro 2016 Final Results!


So we have reached the final of the Quicksilver Pro Competition in the Gold Coast and our winner – a first time champ – Matt Wilkinson. Big congrats to him and if you want to catch up with his ride to victory you can watch the video above!



Matt Wilkinson AUS – Wave 1: 8.60 Wave 2: 5.60 Total: 14.20

Kolohe Andino USA  Wave 1: 6.83 Wave 2: 6.83 Toal: 13.66
Semi Final
Heat 1
Matt Wilkinson AUS – Wave 1: 7.83 Wave 2: 6.60 Total: 14.43

Filipe Toledo BRA – Wave 1: 6.17 Wave 2: 7.10 Total: 13.27
Heat 2
Kolohe Anding USA – Wave1: 6.23 Wave 2: 8.00 Total: 14.23

Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 8.70 Total: 14.20
Quater Final
Filipe Toledo BRA – Wave 1: 6.67 Wave 2: 5.67 Total: 12.34

JoelParkinsonAUS – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 5.83 Total: 12.16
Heat 2
Matt Wilkinson AUS – Wave 1: 6.83 Wave 2: 6.33 Total: 13.16

Adriano de Souza BRA – Wave 1: 5.83 Wave 2: 6.90 Total: 12.73
Heat 3
Kolohe Andino USA – Wave 1: 7.33 Wave 2: 8.67 Total:16.00TotalWon by 11.37
17.3322.6038.6741.5750.2362.777 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 
Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave 1:4.00 Wave 2: 0.63 Total: 4.63
Heat 4
Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.90 Wave 2: 8.33 Total: 15.23

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1: 6.67 Wave 2: 7.33 Total: 14.00

2016 Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Result – Round 2

Competition is heating up over at the Gold Coast. Here are the results for Round 2!

Heat 1
Adrianode Souza BRA – Wave 1: 7.77 Wave 2: 7.53 Total: 15.30
Wade Carmichael AUS – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 4.67 Total: 11.00

Heat 2

Sebastian Zietz HAW – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 7.60 Total: 13.10
Julian Wilson AUS – Wave 1: 5.10 Wave 2: 6.77 Total: 11.87
Heat 3
Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.23 Wave 2: 9.50 Total: 15.73
Kelly Slater USA – Wave 1: 6.17 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 13.10

Heat 4 

JoshKerrAUS – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 8.00 Total:13.50
Adam Melling AUS – Wave 1:4.50 Wave 2: 6.33 Total: 10.83
Heat 5
RyanCallinanAUS – Wave 1:7.67 Wave 2: 8.07 Total:15.74

Jordy Smith ZAF – Wave 1.5.33 Wave 2:6.67 Total:12.00

Heat 6

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1:7.43 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 14.36

Davey Cathels AUS – Wave 1:5.83 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 12.66

Heat 7

Conner Coffin USA – Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 6.33 Total13.33
Kai Otton AUS – Wave 1: 4.83 Wave 2: 8.33 Total: 13.16

Heat 8

Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave 1: 8.17Wave 2: 7.20 Total: 15.37

Alex Ribeiro BRA – Wave 1: 6.57 Wave 2: 6.90 Total: 13.47

Heat 9

Kanoa Igarashi USA – Wave 1:7.17 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 12.27

Keanu Asing HAW – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 5.93 Total: 12.26

Heat 10

Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1:5.93 Wave 2: 5.50 Total: 11.43

Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 5.00 Wave 2: 4.07 Total: 9.07

Heat 11

Caio Ibelli BRA – Wave 1: 6.00 Wave 2: 6.17 Total:12.17
Jack Freestone AUS – Wave 1: 5.33 Wave 2: 5.47 Total: 10.80 
Heat 12 
Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1: 5.43 Wave 2: 3.77 Total: 9.20
Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 4.10 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 9.20

2016 Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Result – Round 1


The Quicksilver pro has kicked off for another year and we are bring ing you the latest results right here!

Round 1

Heat 1 

Italo FerreiraBRA – Wave 1: 5.17 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 12.00

Ryan Calling AUS – Wave 1:4.83 Wave 2: 6.27  Total: 11.10

Keanu Asing HAW – Wave 1: 4.80 Wave 2: 4.00 Total: 8.80
Heat 2
Michel Bourez PYF – Wave 1: 4.50 Wave 2: 7.00 Total: 11.50

Adam Melling AUS: Wave 1 – 5.50 Wave 2: 4.87 Total:10.37

Julian Wilson AUS: Wave 1:2.33 Wave 2: 3.73 Total: 6.06
Heat 3

Filipe Toledo BRA –  Wave 1: 6.53 Wave 2: 7.83 Total: 14.36

JadsonAndreBRA – Wave 1: 6.87 Wave 2:  6.43 Total:13.30

Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.50 Wave 2: 4.17 Total: 10.67
Heat 4

Gabriel Medina BRA – Wave 1:7.67 Wave 2: 8.50 Total: 16.17 

Sebastian Zietz HAW – Wave 1: 6.13 Wave 2: 8.67 Total: 14.80

Caio Ibelli BRA – Wave 1: 3.77 Wave 2: 4.33 Total:8.10
Heat 5

Mick Fanning AUS-  Wave 1: 8.87 Wave 2: 8.37 Total: 17.24

Wade Carmichael AUS – Wave 1: 8.93 Wave 2: 7.07  Total: 16.00

Matt Banting AUS – Wave 1: 4.83 Wave 2: 5.07 Total: 9.90
Heat 6
Mikey Wright AUS  – Wave 1: 6.87 Wave 2: 6.87 Total: 13.74

Adriano de Souza BRA: Wave 1: 6.77 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 13.70

Kolohe Andino USA – Wave 1: 9.10 Wave 2 – Interference Total:9.10
Heat 7
Jeremy Flores FRA – Wave 1: 7.17 Wave 2: 8.73 Total: 15.90 

Dabei Cathels AUS – Wave 1: 7.83 Wave 2: 7.17 Total:15.00

Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave1: 6.87 Wave 2: 3.87 Total:10.74
Heat 8
Matt Wilkinson AUS – Wave 1: 7.67 Wave 2: 9.33 Total: 17.00

Kelly Slater USA: Wave 1: 7.67 Wave 2: 5.60 Total: 13.27

Conner Coffin USA – Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 5.17 Total: 12.17
Heat 9

Nat Young USA: Wave 1: 6.27 Wave 2: 6.60 Total: 12.87

Alex Ribeiro BRA: Wave 1: 5.77 Wave 2: 6.37 Total: 12.14

Kai Otton AUS – Wave 1: 5.37 Wave 2: 6.13 Total: 11.5
Heat 10

TajBurrowAUS – Wave 1: 8.57 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 15.40

Josh Kerr AUS – Wave 1: 8.33Wave 2: 3.93 Total: 12.26

Kanoa Igarashi USA – Wave 1: 4.67 Wave 2: 6.73 Total: 11.40
Heat 11

Wiggly Dantas BRA – Wave 1: 8.33Wave 2: 8.93 Total:17.26

Lordy Smith ZAF –  Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 7.10 Total: 13.43

Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 6.10 Wave 2: 6.37 Total: 12.47
Heat 12

Joel Parkinson AUS – Wave 1: 8.60 Wave 2: 5.50 Total: 14.10

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1: 7.33 Wave 2: 6.23 Total: 13.56

Jack Freestone AUS – Wave 1: 7.17 Wave 2: 6.27 Total: 13.44