How to Improve Your Surfing: A Step by Step Guide. Part 1. 

Let’s go surfing

An online educational series with an aim to teach you how to make the best decision on where and when to surf .

It’s easy when you know how…

Series 1 – the very basics .

Volume #1:

It may seem obvious but having the skills and knowledge to read and interpret surf reports and meteorological weather charts is vital to you catching waves and not . The thing is with surfing , most of the time we  are forced to make compromises. The winds to strong, swell is to small or its just to bloody cold. Always waiting and searching for that occipitcal  report when you know whatever happens it’s going to be firing and glassy AF. But the truth is these days a seldom and we make do with what we can , this series aims to educate you so no matter the weather and surf report you can get the best waves possible on the day 🙂 .
Step 1 – The wind

We have all been there, waking up at the break of day stepping out of our tents or crawling out the back of the car to freeze our bollocks  off as we twist, turn and contort ourselves into a wetsuit which your growing ever more convinced has shrunk since you last did battle. And after all the effort and what to normal people seems insane you are stoked and pumped to walk over the crest of the dude which till now has blocked your view of the mornings perfect A frames. You make it to the view point board under your arm and you are greeted with wind blown mess , heart sinks (que the violins) as you realise the day you had planned to nail some manovers isn’t going to happen. But the day is not in Vein because you haven’t come this far not to got in !!! Now it’s that surfers determination coupled with some prior research and knowledge that’s going to improve your surfing.
The wind is what create swell miles out at sea and drives it towards us eger land dwelling surfs. Where swell meets the shallow waters we find surf. Simple enough . But it’s not just this swell you are looking at,  the wind is just as important . One of the first things to consider is the winds direction and how it will effect the wave you are going to surf. If there is strong onshore wind you will most likely be faced will wind blown mess (waves which have been pushed over, creating what we see as white wash) , not great surfing conditions. The opposite happens with a strong off shore wind , this holds the face of the waves up for longer than normal results in a heavier more peaking wave more likely to close out and dump. These effects can be magnified or reduced with the strength of the winds.


Location, location, loaction,  It is key that you choose the most ideal surf break for the condition on the day . Looking for those break that may be sheltered from high winds or that may be fetching more swell .
Here are a few screen grabs from today’s forecasts, see if you can get an idea of what the waves will be like from the information presented:

wind guru

Magic seaweed

Magic seaweed

Keep your eyes out for those low wind days (like today) swell isn’t everything you can really improve and focus training when the waves a clean 🙂
Stay stoked

More on swell, periods  and weather charts to come.



2016 Boardmasters Results

After an action packed weekend down at Boardmasters Alice Lemoigne and Edouard Delpero have come out victors. Although the conditions weren’t great and local hero Ben Skinner went out in the Quarter finals there was plenty of other great surfers to keep the packed beach occupied.











Boardmasters – Here we come!

Tonight after a very long day at work we are grabbing our stuff and hitting the road down to Newquay. We are planning 5 days of surfing, watching the pro’s, seeing some great bands and probably a few craft beers along the way too!

After bypassing Boardmasters for a couple of years it seems to have fallen back in favour with the WSL and as you will see from the following, they seem pretty pumped to be back!



The Boardmasters, Cornwall, a long-standing tradition of music and surfing festival in the U.K is coming back this summer, unfolding from August 10-14 at the iconic birthplace of England’s surfing, Fistral beach.

Re-appearing on the WSL schedules in 2015 after a two-year hiatus, the Boardmasters comes back even stronger this summer, adding a men and women’s QS1,000 divisions to the existing longboarding events.

“We are so stoked to see the return of World Surf League sanctioning across all disciplines of our event,” Andrew Topham, Boardmasters Festival Director said. “This really drives the level of surfing within the UK and will inspire the next generation of British surfers towards competing at the highest level. Since 1981, Boardmasters has always been the pinnacle of British surfing and this once again takes us to another level. We are really excited to see another huge crowd on the beach cheering some of the best surfing that will be witnessed on Cornish shores this year.”

A classic event amongst the European and international field of qualifying series campaigners, this event has been host to many of the current world’s best surfers and will once again be the center of attention come August.

“WSL is very pleased to be returning once again to the Boardmasters and it is great to see our involvement grow with the addition of a men’s and women’s QS event,” Rob Gunning, European Tour Manager said. “As we expand across Europe the Boardmasters is for us a key event as it is one of our longest running and most high profile events. The on-site activities, crowds plus the music festival make the Boardmasters very special. It will be great for not only International and visiting European surfers but also for the local Brits who will get a chance to compete on the international stage. The women’s QS event will be a first for the Boardmasters and it is fantastic to see women’s professional surfing included in the schedule.”

The venue: Fistral beach is a 750m stretch of white sand backed by steep dunes and overlooked by the Headland Hotel, an iconic landmark. Sitting just a short walk from the center of Newquay, Fistral is the most popular surfing location in the country, invaded by thousands of waves enthusiasts of all-level each summer.

When the sun sets and competition is called off, the Boardmasters Music Festival becomes the main attraction with national and international artists taking the various stages set overlooking Watergate Bay, just north of the town. With the festival extending over five full days from August 10-14, there’s a flurry of performances for music aficionados. For more information and an up-to-date list of headliners, head on to



Fiji Pro – Round 3 & 4 Results

For all those keen beans and WSL lovers you’ll know these results, but hey ho let’s go ahead and relive it anyway.

Jason Andre Round 3

Jadson Andre closing in on victory in Round 3 @ Fiji Pro – Ed Sloane – Source:

Round 3

Heat 1 – Gabriel Medina absolutely dominates the opener with a Total score of 14.50

Heat 2 – A really close heat with Michel Bourez edging it over Kanoa Igarashi with a Total of 7.67

Heat 3 – Another close heat, but Dusty Payne takes the win with a Total of 7.20

Heat 4 – It’s the crowds favourite and WSL legend Kelly Slater that takes the heat from Jordy Smith with a Total of 16.56

Heat 5 – Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas takes the win in a close call with Conner Coffin with a Total of 6.94

Heat 6 – Adriano de Souza takes the win with a massive second wave of 9.10 taking him to a total of 15.27

Heat 7 – Another Brazilian victory for Jadson Andre, taking the win with a Total of 14.50

Heat 8 – AUS man Josh Kerr takes the win beating Jeremy Flores of France with a Total of 14.26

Heat 9 – Saw a aussie face off between Fanning and Melling with Fanning coming out on top with a Total of 13.40

Heat 10 – A huge high scoring heat between Florence and Burrow both topping the 18+ mark, but it was the man from Hawaii, John John Florence that took the win with a Total of 18.76

Heat 11 – Adrain Buchan taking the win in heat 11 over Miguel Pupo, with a Total of 13.54

Heat 12 – High flying Matt Wilkinson takes the final heat in round 2 with a Total of 13.93

Connor Coffin Fiji Pro

Connor Coffin Freesurfing @ Fiji Pro – Ed Sloane – Source:

Round 4

In round 4 we see the heats increase to 3 surfers in the water and going on the Total’s things definitely got good!

Heat 1 – Saw Gabriel Medina beat of Dusty Payne and Michel Bourez for Heat 1 victory with a Total of 14.60

Heat 2 – With a victory repeat of Round 3, Kelly Slater took Heat 2 with a crushing Total of 19.77 over Brazilian due Dantas and de Souza

Heat 3 – Another high scoring heat with Mick Fanning taking the win with a Total of 18.07 over Josh Kerr and Jadson Andre.

Heat 4 – What better way to take us into Round 5 than nail biting finish in heat 4. Aussie man Matt Wilkinson takes the win with a Total of 16.56 narrowly seeing off JJ. Florence with a Total of 16.43, and Buchan on 15.16.

Stay tuned for the results of Finals to come.


WSL 2016 Fiji Pro – Round 1 & 2 Results

It’s been a while since we’ve covered the WSL, but its back on GVSCo and we catch up with the Mens action in FIJI!

Round 1

Heat 1 – John John Florence of Hawaii takes the win with a Total of 10.33

Heat 2 – Filipe Toledo of Brazil wins with a Total of 13.76

Heat 3 – Jason Andre again of Brazil takes the win with a wave average score of 14.60

Heat 4 – Keanu Asing edges out Gold Coast Champ Matt Wilkinson with an average waves score of: 13.04

Heat 5 – Miguel Pupo of Brazil wins with a heavy 15.23, secured with a smashing 2nd wave averaging 8.23! 

Heat 6 – Adriano de Souza takes the heat with a Total of 11.73

Heat 7 – Matt Banting of AUS takes the heat with 10.34 average.

Heat 8 – Wiggolly Dantas takes the win with a huge 15.60! Wave 1 coming out on top at 8.17 

Heat 9 – Jeremy Flores of France taking the heat for us Europeans! Winning with a waves total of 12.67

Heat 10 – Jordy Smith takes the heat with a sensational two waves, wave 1 coming in from the judges at 9.00! Taking his heat winning total to a massive 16.67. 

Heat 11 – Aussie Adam Melling takes the win with a wave total of 11.26. 

Heat 12 – And we often save the best till last, and this blog is no exception. The surfing genius that is Kelly Slater showing how its done again taking the heat with a huge 16.13 and besting the day with the highest scoring wave at 9.03! 


Source: (Kelly Castari)

Round 2

Heat 1 – Brazilian Italo Ferreira takes the heat with a wave Total of 10.67

Heat 2 – Matt Wilkinson is back in action and taking names, winning the heat with a Total of 13.10

Heat 3 – Gabriel Medina wins with a punchy 15.94

Heat 4 – Alejo Muniz saw off Aussie Julian Wilson, taking the heat with a Total of 14.00

Heat 5 –  Mick Fanning beating his fellow countrymen Kai Otton and taking the heat with an impressive 16.10

Heat 6 – Dusty Payne takes the heat with serious 16.50,  helped much by his epic 2nd wave, judges giving it 9.33

Heat 7 – Taj Burrow beats Caio Ibelli of Brazil with a Total of 15.30 

Heat 8 – Kanoa Igarashi back in form taking Heat 8 with a wave Total of 13.17

Heat 9 – Josh Kerr of AUS takes the win with a wave Total of 15.00 on the nose.

Heat 10 – Michel Bourez wins by 2.67 over Stuart Kennedy with a Total of 11.50

Heat 11 – Adrain Buchan wins after two decent waves taking the heat with a Total of 14.87

Heat 12 – Conner Coffin takes the win over Davey Cathels with a Total of 13.17