Barely Back Packers – Our 5 Month Adventure

From barely having backpacked before, going traveling for 5 months certainly threw us into the deep end. But my God… it’s been an adventure of a lifetime which will be forever in our minds.
Our route: New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. Here is the action packed compilation video of Our 5 Month Adventure.
 All credit to Barelybackers.
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Hoi An – 5 Top Tips from Harry Balfour

When planning a trip to Vietnam, most people seem to think of a bustling Hanoi or tranquil trip to Halong Bay. But the country is much more than this. For those visiting Vietnam that want a twist, Hoi An is the basket to put your eggs in.


Hoi an is situated below from Da Nang and is roughly in the middle of the country. But what is there to actually do there? Well here are the top 5 things to do in Hoi An.

1.Get a Tailored Suit – Despite being 18, I have a knack for liking expensive things (which comes as a grave disappointment to my bank account). Hoi An is world renowned for its tailors. On our first morning in Hoi An we rocked up to Yaly tailor for our first fitting after picking out some sweet Italian silk and other materials. Regardless of the expensive
material, countless of magic suit fairies (Vietnamese Women) and the quality of the suit the overall price was astoundingly cheap compared to the extortionate London prices. I acquired a 3 piece cashmere suit with a shirt and tie for a total of $185.

2. Visit Banh my Phuong Sandwich shop – a few hours of rushing about at a tailor all morning leaves a mark on the stomach. To hanker your hunger, 1 minute down the road from Yaly is the best sandwich shop in Asia. For 20,000VND you can get a sandwich meaning that for under £2 you can purchase 4 of them, if your feeling that hungry.


3. Bike the Hi Van Pass – after watching the top gear Vietnam special (a must do before visiting the country) I felt it would be stupid not to rent motorbikes whilst traveling up the coast. Just after Hoi An on the way to Hue is a 20 minute stretch of road which cuts through the rolling mountains and offers the most breathtaking views. You can rent bikes
for the day from the city and capture the most incredible photos.


4. The night market and the old town – strolling through the old town after dinner and a few drinks is always a wise idea. Down many of the narrow streets Chinese lanterns of all different colours light the way. You may find you stumble across the night market. Despite every stand having pretty much exactly the same products, it’s an enjoyable way to spend the evening and practice your haggling skills.

5. The Japanese Bridge – the most iconic of all the sites to visit in Hoi An is the Japanese Covered Bridge, built in the 16th century, pimped out with fancy swirls and artistic features, it is completely unique from the rest of the bridges in the city. This attraction has far much more historical background that exceeds my knowledge, nevertheless worth finding out.


So there you have it! The top 5 things to do in Hoi An, my favourite city in Southeast Asia. This destination is definitely a hidden gem that is slowly creeping its way on to the map not just because of its historical significance but also for its drinking culture.