Meet the Photographers: Catarina Edén



My name is Catarina Edén and live in a quaint coastal town on the west coast in Sweden called Varberg, and it’s my own little Paradise. Working as a freelancing photographer and craftsperson this place has everything I could ever dream for – the powerful ocean, mystic forests and beautiful valleys.




I also love to travel and explore new places which also is my biggest source of inspiration. I lived in California, USA for three years as I attended school there. After those amazing years I see it as my second home and it has a dear place in my heart. This makes Varberg even more special to me because it is a lot like a Swedish version of California with its coastal nature and lifestyle.




I spend a lot of time along the coast exploring new places, either by foot or together with my horse. When I cant bring my bigger camera along my iPhone or older Olympus OM-1 will assist me. Either way I always need to bring one of them because there will always be a beautiful scenery that I want to capture.








I recently started selling my photos along with wood prints and camera straps that I create my self by hand. You can find them them under but also on




Among the Waves by Ulrika Slotte

Summer. Surf. Cold. Pretty cold actually.

Those of you who have been to the north of Europe in the summer know it is not exactly exotic, tropical heat..! The water is cold. Some people hate it. But as for me, it’s just perfect. This day was spent on Gotland (Also known as the Swedish Hawaii?), among the waves of the Baltic Sea.


You can read her bio here or contact her here:
Instagram – @ulrikaslotte
Facebook – Ulrika Slotte