Meet the Bloggers! The Nomadic Moose.

Shannon, Breck and moose a guy, a girl, and a dog, all with a serious case of wanderlust.


Our feet can take us anywhere we want to go, and we plan to go a lot of places. We recently spent three months backpacking New Zealand and now reunited with Moose we have many trails to cover up and down the east coast of the United States. We’ll be hiking, biking, and kayaking in the Appalachian Mountains. Based out of North Carolina follow our adventures this summer season to see where we end up.

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New Zealand – The Instagram Edit pt 3. By Forbes Howie

So here we have another update from the lovely Forbes. He was out in Christchurch for the Earthquakes, so we are very happy to report that he is fine and cracking on with his amazing trip. Stay safe and happy people!


Turquoise waters ⛵️ #diamondharbour #christchurch #newzealand #roadtrip #adventurenz #nz

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Views in Lyttleton #christchurch #lyttleton #bankpeninsula #newzealand

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New Zealand – The Instagram Edit pt 2. by Forbes Howie

At the top of #benlomond -#queenstown #nz #hikinginjeans

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Here, get a photae of me standing in this field.

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Rode some Mountain Bike trails. Did a Turndown, went home. #sundayfunday

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The #remarkables from my balcony. #queenstown

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Not bad #Queenstown ….not bad!

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Meet the photographers! – Forbes Howie


Forbes Howie – Originally from Edinburgh, Forbes has been travelling around Australia and New Zealand for the past year or so spreading his wings. His main passions in life are coffee and cycling but don’t let this cool facade fool you, he even did a season at Disney!

We will keep you posted on his travels and will be posting his ‘best bits’ from time to time, but if you would like to follow him on Instagram, you can find him here.

The Two Bearded Men Story

To follow up on our lovely piece from Forbes about his time in New Zealand, we have this lovely film from the production company “Two Bearded Men’. As self proclaimed explorers we thought that they would make a fantastic  feature on the site.

Two Bearded Men represents our chosen way of life. We are a team of real, passionate, driven, kiwi film makers telling stories that we love. We surround ourselves with an incredible, inspirational environment, and thrive off creating innovative and award winning work. Moving image, human voice, and music are our vehicles for communication.

The Two Bearded Men Story from Two Bearded Men on Vimeo.



GVSCo xx

New Zealand – The Instagram Edit by Forbes Howie.

Forbes is currently touring around New Zealand with only a bike, his car and a crazy passion for coffee to keep him going!

He has let us take a little insight into his travels by way of his amazing Instagram feed, so hope you guys enjoy and fingers crossed we will be seeing a lot more from him in the future!


New car for travelling around the South Island before relocating to Christchurch. 1994 Toyota Surf 3.0 V6

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Cliff Diving World Champ 2016 @johny.cook 🏆 #tunnelbeach

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