Brazil the Video Edit – By Elliott Gonzo

Here is a short but very sweet edit from Elliott’s trip to Brazil. His imagery and totally natural perspective has captured the country in all of it’s magical glory and has officially given us some itchy feet to go and visit!

The directors write up:

‘The Brazil Time’ is a film project shot in Brazil, experimenting with a technique I like to call Free-Filming related to the writing technique Free-Writing. Free-Filming is technique in which a person films continuously for a set period of time without regard to context and preconception of the end product, just natural organic unrehearsed filming of reality. Through this you overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism towards you work, this produces raw, often unusable material, which I had to cut down then used to capture the essence of Brazil and its Favelas.

The Brazil Times from Elliott Gonzo on Vimeo.

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