Meet the Craftsmen! Sophie Jade Jewellery

Introducing Sophie Warren- she’s a free spirit!

Life’s little treasures are special, rare and often come with a beautiful story, they are the ingredients that make up our planet and should be recognized, appreciated and protected, Sophie’s jewellery is no exception to this. Her pieces make people stop and think about life in our oceans and about the negative and positive effects we can have.

In her collections you can expect to find fine gold and silver ocean animals, delicate patterned seashells and sparkling colourful opals. Her pieces are handmade and therefore one of a kind, inspired by the beauty that is our home.

Sophie makes a conscience effort to be as eco friendly as she can, as her pieces evolve and time goes by her business continues to develop how eco friendly it can be.
Working from her spare bedroom, with tools I have had for years, I do not own a car and travel to work is usually just a 30 second journey away. Her gemstones are sourced from neighboring countries, those of which are under developed, poor and underpaid, supporting local artisans who need business to stay alive and her packaging is made from recycled burlap, she doesn’t  use plastic and her metals and scrap are broken down and reused.

You can experience Sophie’s work here and we know you’ll love it!