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Whether you love or hate the Olympics, the news that Tokyo 2020 is going to have surfing as one of the rounds is definitely become a talking point for the surfing community. Our friends at take a look at the surfing world’s reaction in the blog below.

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Surfers and surf lovers, rejoice! As of August 3, 2016, surfing is officially an Olympic sport! It will be included in the Tokyo 2020 program, alongside Karate, baseball/softball, skateboarding and sport climbing.


At the beginning of this month, just as the Olympics Games in Rio were in full blast, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that it would add 5 new sports to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which add up to a grand total of 474 athletes competing in 18 new events. There are currently 28 Summer Olympic sports and the event program is expected to be finalized by the end of 2017.

Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee President motivated the decision with the desire to introduce sports to the young. He explained:

“With the many options that young people have, we cannot expect any more that they will come automatically to us. We have to go to them. Tokyo 2020’s balanced proposal fulfils all of the goals of the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendation that allowed it. Taken together, the five sports are an innovative combination of established and emerging, youth-focused events that are popular in Japan and will add to the legacy of the Tokyo Games.”

The focus on young athletes was highlighted again by Yoshiro Mori, Tokyo 2020 President, who stated that the inclusion of the sports will allow young athletes to have a shot at their dreams of being in the Olympics. Also taken into consideration when assessing the inclusion of the sports in the Olympic program, was the gender equality impact and the legacy value.

But all is not rosy among the surf community. The reaction from surfing fans and surfers in general has been less than enthusiastic. Some, including surf legend Kelly Slater, have spoken out about the possible issues with evaluating surfers in the Olympics. Slater mentioned something that all surf lovers know, that surfing is a sport that is highly location and weather-dependent sport. Choosing to bestow the Olympic gold medal to someone, declaring them to be the best in the world, based on a single event, would leave plenty of room for error.

But, many people have already solved this issue by suggesting the introduction of a wave pool. Kelly Slater himself has been working on constructing a wave pool that gives perfect barrels for nearly a decade. He unveiled it this year, in Bakersfield, California and many believe that this could be the answer to the 2020 Olympics.



Others, such as Corky Carroll, a former pro surfer, simply believes that “Surfing is too cool for the Olympics”. Skateboarders have also been keen to share with the world their unenthusiastic reaction to the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics, saying that skateboarding is not a sport. They even seemed to be offended by the inclusion, and created an online petition aimed at Bach, asking for the removal of skateboarding from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Regardless of the side you are on, when it comes to surfing becoming an Olympics event, we can all agree that exposure of the sport can only help surfing. It has long stopped being something that only a handful of people could do, teens or men. Surfing is for everyone, for men and women, for young and old. No matter who you are and what you do, you can enjoy surfing. Whether you are just starting out and are in dire need of a surf lesson, or you’re hoping to get to the 2020 Olympics, surfing is your means of expression. And something this wonderful needs to be celebrated and promoted.

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2016 Boardmasters Results

After an action packed weekend down at Boardmasters Alice Lemoigne and Edouard Delpero have come out victors. Although the conditions weren’t great and local hero Ben Skinner went out in the Quarter finals there was plenty of other great surfers to keep the packed beach occupied.











Boardmasters – Here we come!

Tonight after a very long day at work we are grabbing our stuff and hitting the road down to Newquay. We are planning 5 days of surfing, watching the pro’s, seeing some great bands and probably a few craft beers along the way too!

After bypassing Boardmasters for a couple of years it seems to have fallen back in favour with the WSL and as you will see from the following, they seem pretty pumped to be back!



The Boardmasters, Cornwall, a long-standing tradition of music and surfing festival in the U.K is coming back this summer, unfolding from August 10-14 at the iconic birthplace of England’s surfing, Fistral beach.

Re-appearing on the WSL schedules in 2015 after a two-year hiatus, the Boardmasters comes back even stronger this summer, adding a men and women’s QS1,000 divisions to the existing longboarding events.

“We are so stoked to see the return of World Surf League sanctioning across all disciplines of our event,” Andrew Topham, Boardmasters Festival Director said. “This really drives the level of surfing within the UK and will inspire the next generation of British surfers towards competing at the highest level. Since 1981, Boardmasters has always been the pinnacle of British surfing and this once again takes us to another level. We are really excited to see another huge crowd on the beach cheering some of the best surfing that will be witnessed on Cornish shores this year.”

A classic event amongst the European and international field of qualifying series campaigners, this event has been host to many of the current world’s best surfers and will once again be the center of attention come August.

“WSL is very pleased to be returning once again to the Boardmasters and it is great to see our involvement grow with the addition of a men’s and women’s QS event,” Rob Gunning, European Tour Manager said. “As we expand across Europe the Boardmasters is for us a key event as it is one of our longest running and most high profile events. The on-site activities, crowds plus the music festival make the Boardmasters very special. It will be great for not only International and visiting European surfers but also for the local Brits who will get a chance to compete on the international stage. The women’s QS event will be a first for the Boardmasters and it is fantastic to see women’s professional surfing included in the schedule.”

The venue: Fistral beach is a 750m stretch of white sand backed by steep dunes and overlooked by the Headland Hotel, an iconic landmark. Sitting just a short walk from the center of Newquay, Fistral is the most popular surfing location in the country, invaded by thousands of waves enthusiasts of all-level each summer.

When the sun sets and competition is called off, the Boardmasters Music Festival becomes the main attraction with national and international artists taking the various stages set overlooking Watergate Bay, just north of the town. With the festival extending over five full days from August 10-14, there’s a flurry of performances for music aficionados. For more information and an up-to-date list of headliners, head on to



Rip Curl Pro 2016 Bells Beach – Round up!

2016 is looking to be Matt Wilko’s year with another win under the belt from Bell’s Beach.

In the Ladies tournament it was  Courtney Conlogue that took the trophy, as a first time winner, she was pretty pumped to be ringing that bell!



Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Video Highlights

A few highlights and upsets from round 1:


Matt Wilko continuing his strong form after his win at the Quicksilver pro:

Highlights from rounds 2 and 3 of the competition:


Kelly Slater chats through his early departure from the competition


Rip Curl Women’s Pro – Round 1,2 & 3 Results



The ladies hit the waves and we are excited to see what they have to offer. Will be interesting to see how they perform after the Quick pro results a few weeks ago.

source WSL

Round 1

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.35Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.45Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.41.03


Round 2

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.29Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.40

Round 3

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.50.54Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.51.03

Rip Curl Pro – Bells Beach 2016 – Round 1 Results


So it is that time again! The 55th annual Rip Curl Po competition. The longest running professional surf competition in the world! The event takes place in Bells beach down in Victoria Australia and sees the best of the best come together and compete for the title.

Here are the round one results from Bell’s Beach – source WSL

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.12.37Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.12.48Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.06Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.22

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.31Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.42

Boardmasters Festival 2016

We are all booked up and can’t wait – who is all going to be there??

Source (boardmasters)

2016 Comps & Surfers

Boardmasters Festival is not all about the music. Since 1981 we have been an integral part of the British surf scene. From humble beginnings as a small surf competition, we are now proud to present one of the biggest events on the professional British surfing calendar; not to mention the music festival. Join us in the lazy summer sun and celebrate the surfing lifestyle! All professional surfing events are held Fistral Beach and best of all, they’re free for all spectators.

Our champions of surf in 2015 were Hodei Collazo (Men’s Open), Peony Knight (Womens Open), Edouard Delpero (Longboard), Alice Lemoigne (Longboard) and Justine Mauvin (Juniors). This year there are four categories of surf comps, conpetitors will be confirmed soon!



The world famous international surf competition will this year be included as part of the World Surf League qualifying series. Featuring as a QS1000 event, Boardmasters will host the Boardmasters Men’s Open, the Boardmasters Women’s Open and the Boardmasters Men’s and Women’s Longboard contests.  This cements Boardmasters as the most high-profile event in the UK’s surf calendar.

Boardmasters will feature as stop #29 on the WSL international qualifying series tour, giving surfing professionals the opportunity to come to Cornwall to be in with the chance of gaining valuable points in their quest to reach the eilte platform of professional surfing, the Championship Tour (CT).

Fistral Beach, the UK’s premier surfing destination, will again host Boardmasters, with professional surfers travelling from around the globe we will get to see who will become this years Boardmasters champion.  The highly anticipated Boardmasters QS1000 will then run from Wednesday 10th until Sunday 14th August 2016 and the action will kick off with the Boardmasters Men’s Open.  Boardmasters will offer Britain’s best professional surfers, such as Ben Skinner, Luke Dillon, Jobe Harris and Lucy Campbell the chance to compete at an international level whilst in home waters.

Boardmasters promises to deliver five days of exhilarating surf action at one of Cornwall’s must stunning beach settings. Fans and festivalgoers alike are expected to descend on the UK’s surf capital to check out and support both the British pro surfers and the travelling international surfing professionals.  We cannot wait to see who will lift the coverted Boardmasters title this year and their portion of the $30,500 prize purse.



2016 Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Result – Round 2

Competition is heating up over at the Gold Coast. Here are the results for Round 2!

Heat 1
Adrianode Souza BRA – Wave 1: 7.77 Wave 2: 7.53 Total: 15.30
Wade Carmichael AUS – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 4.67 Total: 11.00

Heat 2

Sebastian Zietz HAW – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 7.60 Total: 13.10
Julian Wilson AUS – Wave 1: 5.10 Wave 2: 6.77 Total: 11.87
Heat 3
Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.23 Wave 2: 9.50 Total: 15.73
Kelly Slater USA – Wave 1: 6.17 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 13.10

Heat 4 

JoshKerrAUS – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 8.00 Total:13.50
Adam Melling AUS – Wave 1:4.50 Wave 2: 6.33 Total: 10.83
Heat 5
RyanCallinanAUS – Wave 1:7.67 Wave 2: 8.07 Total:15.74

Jordy Smith ZAF – Wave 1.5.33 Wave 2:6.67 Total:12.00

Heat 6

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1:7.43 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 14.36

Davey Cathels AUS – Wave 1:5.83 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 12.66

Heat 7

Conner Coffin USA – Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 6.33 Total13.33
Kai Otton AUS – Wave 1: 4.83 Wave 2: 8.33 Total: 13.16

Heat 8

Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave 1: 8.17Wave 2: 7.20 Total: 15.37

Alex Ribeiro BRA – Wave 1: 6.57 Wave 2: 6.90 Total: 13.47

Heat 9

Kanoa Igarashi USA – Wave 1:7.17 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 12.27

Keanu Asing HAW – Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 5.93 Total: 12.26

Heat 10

Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1:5.93 Wave 2: 5.50 Total: 11.43

Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 5.00 Wave 2: 4.07 Total: 9.07

Heat 11

Caio Ibelli BRA – Wave 1: 6.00 Wave 2: 6.17 Total:12.17
Jack Freestone AUS – Wave 1: 5.33 Wave 2: 5.47 Total: 10.80 
Heat 12 
Jadson Andre BRA – Wave 1: 5.43 Wave 2: 3.77 Total: 9.20
Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 4.10 Wave 2: 5.10 Total: 9.20

2016 Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast Result – Round 1


The Quicksilver pro has kicked off for another year and we are bring ing you the latest results right here!

Round 1

Heat 1 

Italo FerreiraBRA – Wave 1: 5.17 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 12.00

Ryan Calling AUS – Wave 1:4.83 Wave 2: 6.27  Total: 11.10

Keanu Asing HAW – Wave 1: 4.80 Wave 2: 4.00 Total: 8.80
Heat 2
Michel Bourez PYF – Wave 1: 4.50 Wave 2: 7.00 Total: 11.50

Adam Melling AUS: Wave 1 – 5.50 Wave 2: 4.87 Total:10.37

Julian Wilson AUS: Wave 1:2.33 Wave 2: 3.73 Total: 6.06
Heat 3

Filipe Toledo BRA –  Wave 1: 6.53 Wave 2: 7.83 Total: 14.36

JadsonAndreBRA – Wave 1: 6.87 Wave 2:  6.43 Total:13.30

Stuart Kennedy AUS – Wave 1: 6.50 Wave 2: 4.17 Total: 10.67
Heat 4

Gabriel Medina BRA – Wave 1:7.67 Wave 2: 8.50 Total: 16.17 

Sebastian Zietz HAW – Wave 1: 6.13 Wave 2: 8.67 Total: 14.80

Caio Ibelli BRA – Wave 1: 3.77 Wave 2: 4.33 Total:8.10
Heat 5

Mick Fanning AUS-  Wave 1: 8.87 Wave 2: 8.37 Total: 17.24

Wade Carmichael AUS – Wave 1: 8.93 Wave 2: 7.07  Total: 16.00

Matt Banting AUS – Wave 1: 4.83 Wave 2: 5.07 Total: 9.90
Heat 6
Mikey Wright AUS  – Wave 1: 6.87 Wave 2: 6.87 Total: 13.74

Adriano de Souza BRA: Wave 1: 6.77 Wave 2: 6.93 Total: 13.70

Kolohe Andino USA – Wave 1: 9.10 Wave 2 – Interference Total:9.10
Heat 7
Jeremy Flores FRA – Wave 1: 7.17 Wave 2: 8.73 Total: 15.90 

Dabei Cathels AUS – Wave 1: 7.83 Wave 2: 7.17 Total:15.00

Adrian Buchan AUS – Wave1: 6.87 Wave 2: 3.87 Total:10.74
Heat 8
Matt Wilkinson AUS – Wave 1: 7.67 Wave 2: 9.33 Total: 17.00

Kelly Slater USA: Wave 1: 7.67 Wave 2: 5.60 Total: 13.27

Conner Coffin USA – Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 5.17 Total: 12.17
Heat 9

Nat Young USA: Wave 1: 6.27 Wave 2: 6.60 Total: 12.87

Alex Ribeiro BRA: Wave 1: 5.77 Wave 2: 6.37 Total: 12.14

Kai Otton AUS – Wave 1: 5.37 Wave 2: 6.13 Total: 11.5
Heat 10

TajBurrowAUS – Wave 1: 8.57 Wave 2: 6.83 Total: 15.40

Josh Kerr AUS – Wave 1: 8.33Wave 2: 3.93 Total: 12.26

Kanoa Igarashi USA – Wave 1: 4.67 Wave 2: 6.73 Total: 11.40
Heat 11

Wiggly Dantas BRA – Wave 1: 8.33Wave 2: 8.93 Total:17.26

Lordy Smith ZAF –  Wave 1: 6.33 Wave 2: 7.10 Total: 13.43

Miguel Pupo BRA – Wave 1: 6.10 Wave 2: 6.37 Total: 12.47
Heat 12

Joel Parkinson AUS – Wave 1: 8.60 Wave 2: 5.50 Total: 14.10

John John Florence HAW – Wave 1: 7.33 Wave 2: 6.23 Total: 13.56

Jack Freestone AUS – Wave 1: 7.17 Wave 2: 6.27 Total: 13.44