Meet the Labels ! Dusty Pirates

My name is Stefan Anderson, founder of Dusty Pirates Apparel.

Being of the sweet young age of 24 with the working background which includes 5 years in painting and decorating and 3 years in scaffolding (1year fly in fly out) which has helped me to fund this clothing brand venture of mine. From a young age I’ve always had a creative mind as well as an eye for fashion, so I’ve put the two together and started a clothing brand. The designs I have sketched to a basic extent myself, and then a friend, Zoe Quatermine from Quartz Design, has helped me achieve the final product of the print designs. As last summer was my 1st full season on the shelves at Common Ground in Fremantle and a local surf shop in Palmrya, Mocean Surf, I believe it was a successful season. Now moving onto my 1st winter,  I’m super excited about my older brother coming on board to assist with fulfilling orders, which is super helpful.

The name Dusty Pirates where did its come from?


A very common question I’m asked, it came from one of my hobbies which is 4X4 driving and camping, and I was in the process of creating a 4×4 club a mate and myself  were going back and fourth on  ideas and I wanted the name to have some involvement with the ocean and land, since I dig pirates and old school nautical art,pirates stuck and then obviously we ended up with Dusty Pirates. What makes my brand unique from other brands is that when in get and idea for a shirt print I like to make sure it hasn’t been done before and also this winter range will defiantly be the test as I will have some unique pieces that haven’t been done on the Perth fashion scene, the vibe for my brand is generally aimed at adventurers campers, surfers and the off roaders which I believe the market in Perth has been left wide open and Dusty Pirates is here to fill the gap.
My long term goal for this brand is to have everything hand printed by myself or my brother and printed to order (online sales) so I’m currently in the process of sourcing the equipment and researching the process of screen printing.


Contact Info:
Insta: Dustypirates
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