How To Not Lose Your Mermaid Vibes In Your Daily Office Outfit Routine.

Sun kissed tan, beach waved hair, ripped denim shorts paired up with a lace crochet top.

Asking me for my favorite go-to outfit in the world, I’d probably always tell you something like ‘just let me be a mermaid’.

But since we all know, life unfortunately isn’t just about off-days at the beach, exploring the jungle and morning swims in the ocean I thought I’ll give you a bit of an inspiration about how not to lose your beach bum vibes when you’re stuck at the office all day!

Working in an office or any other job that involves having to dress appropriately means, that we are often unable to use our personal style to bring out your true self.

So if you’re one of the people that rather have salty hair and their toes stuck in sand all day, I hope my tips will give you a little idea on how to rock your mermaid vibes during your next busy day at work.

Untitled design

To truly bring out your mermaid personality, even when wearing something a little more chic and appropriate make sure to stick to colors most related to the beach.

Think about white sands, blue oceans and skies, black rocks and green palm trees. Light clothing such as a pastel blue button-down tucked into white high-waisted trousers and some vintage leather heels to round everything up will just give you the right amount of business meets casual.


Untitled design-3


If all else fails and you still have to stick to a certain dress code such an uniform for example don’t fall into despair, dab on some high-lighter and get your hair tousled on sea-salt spray or throw your hair into a messy dutch-braid up-do and you’re ready to go.



Accessories-wise don’t go overboard on jewelry if your outfit contains more than two different colors. Try stick to something simple such as a gold shark-tooth necklace, a diamond wave ring or some delicate shell earrings.

Going for something all black everything you’re fine to get your jewelry game strong with something a bit more bulky such as layered necklaces or a moonstone ring.




  1. 1)  When allowed to use your phone at work, download yourself a free ocean ringtone and you won’t ever be annoyed anymore if your phone rings even a hundred times a day.
  2. 2)  Get your hands on some coconut water, and you will not only stay hydrated throughout the day but also feel like your sitting right under a palm tree – if only you close your eyes!
  3. 3)  When sitting in front of the computer all day get your desktop a re-do with an animated ocean background and I am sure you will feel right at your favorite place on earth!




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