Meet and Greet

Welcome to the Great Venture Surf Co. or GVS Co. to our friends! We wanted to share with you a little bit about our story and what we have set out to do.

GVS Co. was born in the summer of 2013 and is the creation of founder Mr Gus Warriner. Gus was moving towards graduating from University and wanted to create a business that would enable him to keep traveling, exploring and living life to the fullest whilst inspiring others to do the same. GVS Co. is an embodiment of this desire, taking inspiration from all around the world and creating fashion and promoting artistry that ties in seamlessly.

In early 2015 GVS Co. hit a growth spurt when the management team expanded and gained two new Partners – Mr Alec Warriner and Miss Nicole Duncan (Duncs). Together we form a collective with varied experiences and skills that we feel enable us to create an exciting brand that is driving towards something great.

We want GVS Co. to be a brand that lives and breathes our lifestyle and one that we believe, millions around the world share. The spirit behind this lifestyle and GVS Co. is one of pure unadulterated adventure, an animated mosaic of the love for the sun, sea and surf.

Along the way we have made great friends and met great people and GVS Co. and this is a major driving force behind the brand. We want to promote talent, encourage involvement and make GVS Co. an ever evolving entity. We want to share our lifestyle, our brand and all that this involves with you guys. So dive in, enjoy and share in the adventure!

A bit more info about the founding Fathers!

Gus Warriner is the laid back, long haired founder of Great Venture Surf Co (GVS Co.) The GVS Co. adventure started with Gus on the south coast of England in the little surfing town of Chichester where he was studying outdoor education at uni. Amongst the piles of dirty laundry and surf gear, Gus felt the real world calling and decided that he rather fancied continuing his outdoor lifestyle and dreamt of the best way to make it a reality. Coupling his creative personality and love for surfing and the outdoors Gus created GVS Co. as a surf and lifestyle brand that brought all the best bits of his life and the sense of adventure into one brand.

A year down the line Gus recruited the help of older brother Alec and his partner in crime Nicole.

Nicole’Duncs’ Duncan is the life and soul of GVS Co. and for that matter any party she turns up to. Duncs humble beginnings are from the southwest coast of South Africa, but don’t let that fool you she spent most of her childhood and adult life in Scotland, hence the fierce, but lovely Scots accent. Duncs joined the GVS Co. team with the dream of owning a dog and bringing it to work with her every day, a simple dream, but one we loved. Duncs working background is in media and more specifically VFX Production so her creative genius couldn’t hide. She brings the excitement and professionalism that all business need.

Older brother Alec Warriner is the final member of our fun, sea and sun group. Alec teamed up with younger brother G and Nicole in the glistening hope of one day having a company where he could lead from the front with a hugely impressive beard. True story. Like his compatriots Alec’s creativity is what cemented the idea of ‘yeah let’s do this’. A love for everything inspiring, from music and art to sport and adventure put in motion the sense of wanting to create a brand and lifestyle that represented this. Alec’s working background is again in media, advertising in fact – so combining his knowledge of great campaigns and product he completes the team at GVS Co.

Much Love


9 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

  1. Hi – would love to get in touch to speak with someone about partnership opportunities. I am a fellow surfer and traveller, and have a business that sells high performance bags for surfers – Would love to get in touch to see whether we could work with you in some capacity!


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