Viva le France: My summers surf dream

I dreamed a dream of surf gone by


A dream that was so real I could taste the salt in my moustache, feel the warm summers breeze on my skin and toes on the nose of my board, riding like the greats. Styling old school, bringing it back.

This got me thinking ……


Where is your dream surf location this summer ???


What a question, a real head scratcher, one that required much deliberation. I knew then that any sort of tangible work was out of the question.



<<<<<  Get back on track Gus !! >>>>>>

A question of this magnitude requires a lot of attention. The promise of summer and thoughts of sun-kissed salty skin cartwheel around my mind.

What followed, as you can imagine, was endless hours of scouring Instagram and mental rehearsal, resulting in the all too familiar itch under my feet and the empowering sense of wanderlust.

But I had to stop and ask myself…

What do I want to get out of my summer of surfing?

Who would I go with?

Where can I afford to go?

I was frantically racking my brain for what I could think were the best and most accessible waves…Fortunately, I came across this brilliant website:

Eureka. I could treat my partner to her first surf school in the beautiful Moliets, located on the SW coast of France, looking out onto the Bay of Biscay. Having the space to combine our love for yoga, mediation and surfing sounds like my perfect week! 


Brownie points





So, if you are tossing and turning over what to do, or where you’re going to surf this summer, head over to the website that has helped me find the perfect spot and put my mind at ease.

It’s time to get out of your dreams and into your car! Summer is here 😀


Stay Stoked



Meet the brands: West Coast Wax




•West is Best•


From the same lovely and dedicated people who brought you Six Foot and Clean soap, these busy bees also produce handmade surfing wax.

West Coast Surf Wax is hand crafted on the beautiful and wild west coast of Wales. They produced their first batch back in 2007, then called Hills Organic Surf Wax, it was too expensive to produce on a small scale and so it evolved into the all natural West Coast Surf Wax.



From start to finish every bar is hand crafted on our production site, from mixing to pouring, to wrapping and packing. Every ingredient used is sustainably sourced and 100% natural, providing an organic solution to traction, whilst reducing the reliance on oil.

A small independent company, all of their products are created and tested by a team of surfers, so you know this stuffs legit!

We love these guys and everything they are doing, putting  effort into a creative space and making it work. Its not easy to doing something different but it sure is rewarding. Make a change and make a difference, head over to the site to find out more and purchase this amazing product.





Stay stoked


Meet the brands: Laurie Nouchka







Artist Laurie Nouchka creates limited edition drawings and paintings that lift her designs off the canvas onto her unique range of style focused and contemporary wearable works of art.

Embedded in the heart of London, she draws inspiration from the urban landscapes around her. She travels the world for inspiration, immersing herself in each and every city. In doing so she has developed a bold and unique approach to depicting her architectural subjects.

Infused with the expertise of fashion designers, her observational drawings of iconic buildings are translated into geometric and linear forms as repeated patterns across a range of carefully designed garments. The vibrant, abstracted prints reflect the dynamic scenes of the urban landscape offset by the functional, clean lines on the collection.

She has collaborated with Equinox gyms, Kings Cross and Farmer’s Daughter Hotel asthe artist in residence to create bespoke collections in response to their unique architectural story.

All pieces are proudly printed in the UK using Italian lycra and EUROJERSEY sensitive fabrics. They are made in Wimbledon, London, and stocked in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Switzerland and China. (copied from google docs)


  • Grew up in a small town in Suffolk, but moved to London after university in 2004.
  • Swims and practises yoga everyday, has recently got into surfing.
  • Loved the idea of a famous landmark, ‘reaching up my leg’ and so came up with the idea for the leggings, wore them to yoga classes, gave a couple to some teachers and then the orders started rolling in.
  • Considers the body to be a moving piece of art. Her pieces are aimed at those who move.
  • Each collection is limited edition.
  • Wants the clothing to be practical but also a fashion statement. The crop tops can be worn with skirts and jeans, the leggings under blouses etc.



You can start rocking these amazing pieces right now! Purchase her work on the GVSCO site.


All our artists are truly unique and amazing. Bringing them into the spotlight is our joy and pleasure, head over to site to find out more.

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DANKIE – South Africa *** Youp Schmit.

Here at GVSCO we are so fortunate and stoked to be working with some of the top atheletes in the world.

Youp Schmit encompasses what it mean to be a modern athlete, surfing and competing on the PWC World Tour and he has sent us this short documentary for all of us to enjoy:




What an inspiration and proof that we can achieve our biggest dreams !!!


Stay Stoked





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Meet the brands: Six Foot and Clean

Who are Six foot and clean I hear you scream !


Six Foot and Clean evolved from our love of the surfing lifestyle, travelling and living out of vans.

Not enough for you ?

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