Meet the Photographers! Philipp Hauptmann

My name is Philipp, I am 26 years old.


I was born and raised in the west of Germany close to Cologne. Currently I am studying mechanical engineering and business administration right at the border to the Netherlands and Belgium, but my passion is traveling.


I am a huge fan of southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. During my travels, I always feel like I wanna freeze all those beautiful moments and take the landscapes with me. My way to do that is taking pictures of everything I find interesting and trying to make them look as perfect as possible. I love studying languages.


Wherever I go, I wanna be able to communicate to the locals in their language, making them a lot more welcoming and open. Currently, I am traveling through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and trying to learn Spanish.



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Meet the Photographers! Sam Warren

We have managed to snag another great Photographer for our GVS Co. community. Sam Warren joins us from Leeds University and we originally found him on Instagram where his bold imagery and edit choices got us hooked!

Born in the North, raised in the South. When you spend more than 2/3rd of your life on the Isle of Wight, it’s pretty hard to stop yourself from falling in love with the ocean.

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Growing up surround by white cliffs and crashing waves, it was only natural to get into water sports, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I started surfing, and ever since then I’ve been hooked! I got my first camera (a GoPro Hero 3) at 17 to film a few waves here and there, but I soon found a love for filming and editing and began taking pictures and making videos of my adventures.

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After high school I went back to my northern roots to study at the Physics at the University of Leeds.  It’s here where I joined the university surf club and became the media and merchandise secretary, documenting my travels with the club and sharing my other journeys around the world through Instagram, YouTube, and occasionally Vimeo and Twitter!

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‘Road to the Mountains’. On the Road Again – EP1 with Nick Troutman

So excited to be following Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson on their journey! They are on a big old road trip whilst preparing for the 2016 GoPro Mountain Games and are going to be keeping us up to date on their progress through their Youtube videos!

Keep following his progress here.

Japan – The Photography Edit by Simon Bath

Last year my wife and I used our honeymoon to realise a long-lived ambition to visit Japan. As first time visitors we found it difficult to decide where to spend our time, everything seemed so appealing. After a fair bit of research, we decided that the best use of our time was to stay around central Japan. Between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka we managed to get a good introduction to Japan and the many things it has to offer.




Meet the Carftsmen! WAW Hand Planes


Handplanes for the Planet!

A surf brand that is committed to giving back.

WAW Handplanes founder Rikki Gilbey, grew up on the sunny coast of Devon, England and moved to Sydney Australia in 2010. He took with him, his love for sea and created a company that combines his passions for woodworking, surfing and environmental protection.

Hand-planed handplanes – it makes sense right? And so does our commitment to giving back.

Bodysurfing is about as organic a pastime as one can undertake and to keep it that way, we make our handplanes out of 100% sustainable, recycled & reclaimed materials. Plus! We plant a native tree for every handplane we sell through the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund #onetreeonehandplane, which means you can get barrelled without leaving a trace.

WAW’s timber handplanes are expertly designed and technically sound.

Timber is not only an environmental choice; It is also well regarded as the best material for performance handplanes. Neutrally buoyant and long lasting, we pride ourselves on a product for life, which is why all WAW Handplanes come with a lifetime warranty.

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Meet the Photographers! Simon Bath

Simon is a very exciting new addition to our team, he has an unparalleled passion for travel and is pretty crafty with a camera. We can’t wait to see what he will bring to the team!

Currently working as a Visual FX producer at The Mill, London, before which I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time traveling around.

I’ve seen quite a bit of Asia, Australasia, The Americas, and Europe, and I started picking up a few photography tips as I went.

My photography style or identity is still a work in progress, I enjoy various different subjects and environments from street photography to landscapes, getting inspiration from new places or finding something new in the everyday.


Behind the Lines with Andrew Cotton – Part 2

picture source.

In this episode of Behind the Lines Andrew Cotton heads to Nazaré during the St Jude storm for one of the craziest and scariest surfing sessions of his life. As he and tow partner Garrett McNamara chase monsters, fellow big wave charger Maya Gabeira’s lifeless body is pulled from the sea by her tow partner Carlos Burle, driving home the reality of the risks these athletes face in the most dangerous surf conditions on the planet. When Garrett decides to stop surfing Andrew is forced to make one of the toughest decisions of his big wave career. This is the behind-the-scenes story of one of the most famous days in big wave surfing history. Don’t miss it.

Director: Mikey Corker
Producer: Show ‘n Tell Media
Athletes: Andrew Cotton, Garrett McNamara, Maya Gabeira, Carlos Burle, Al Mennie, Kurt Rist, Richie Fitzgerald
Sports: Surfing


Meet the Bloggers! Caitlin Russell

My interest in photography began around six years ago, when I received my first camera as a Christmas gift. I remember thinking it was the best thing in the world; I would obsess over taking photographs of my friends and my surroundings and I would love going home at the end of every dinner or day trip to the beach and whittling them down to my favourites.
Five years later, studying Art History at the University of St Andrews, I have a completely different understanding of photography, how I can improve my skills and how to think critically when taking photographs. Studying Art History made me want to travel and see all the wonderful art I was discussing so desperately, and so I did.
My interest in travelling finally materialised when I spent ten weeks travelling through East Asia with my boyfriend. For me photography became a way of sharing my experiences with the people at home or, in the case of my blog, for people who had an interest in the places I was visiting. I remember after being too embarrassed to share my work for so long, getting the feedback I need to continue documenting my travels with both photographs and words. My previous trips I had already photographed, and I was able to add more and more content to the blog to make it what it is today.
I love to travel, and I love to capture every detail I can of each place I visit in order to share it. This summer we will be spending five weeks travelling through Europe and a subsequent five in Bali, Flores Kuala Lumpur and Komodo.
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Check out more of my travel writing and photography over on www.caitlinjeanrussell.comimage

Meet the Athletes! Nick Troutman

We are very excited to announce our partnership with this man! The things that he can do in a kayak are truly astonishing!  Having the balls to even attempt some of the drops and lines he runs is enough, but to come out the other side alive and smiling .. well that shit is just NUTS!


Nick is 28 and grew up in Beachburg Ontario on the famous Ottawa River, he has a house in Rock Island TN but mainly resides in a RV living on the road 8-10 months of the year.

His list of accomplishments are truly impressive:
World Freestyle Kayak Champion
North American Champion
8x National Champion
GoPro Mountain Games Gold Medalist
First Full descents of the Rio Alseseca and Rio Jalacingo in Mexico
Expedition leader and team member for multiple first decent rivers
Film maker/ photographer
GoPro, Adidas, and Jackson Kayak



Brazil the Video Edit – By Elliott Gonzo

Here is a short but very sweet edit from Elliott’s trip to Brazil. His imagery and totally natural perspective has captured the country in all of it’s magical glory and has officially given us some itchy feet to go and visit!

The directors write up:

‘The Brazil Time’ is a film project shot in Brazil, experimenting with a technique I like to call Free-Filming related to the writing technique Free-Writing. Free-Filming is technique in which a person films continuously for a set period of time without regard to context and preconception of the end product, just natural organic unrehearsed filming of reality. Through this you overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism towards you work, this produces raw, often unusable material, which I had to cut down then used to capture the essence of Brazil and its Favelas.

The Brazil Times from Elliott Gonzo on Vimeo.

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