Meet the Brands! Donk Clothing

Our goal is to create innovative product that can withstand any adventure you can.


Donk Clothing has been created to inspire and promote travel and exploration, and we want you to join us and share our passion for this way of life and join us on the search for your Essence of Chill! We strive be the best surf and travel lifestyle brand around and create the highest quality gear ready for any adventure!


Ultimately, Donk Clothing is a brand that wants to make a difference. We want to tell stories, promote a positive message and create a community that encourages others to live their passions and chase their dreams.


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Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Video Highlights

A few highlights and upsets from round 1:


Matt Wilko continuing his strong form after his win at the Quicksilver pro:

Highlights from rounds 2 and 3 of the competition:


Kelly Slater chats through his early departure from the competition


Wild Wales Pt.2 – By Josh Peck

The Climb

As I set off on the initial stage, memories of previous climbs come flooding back, and with every corner I turn a new view, each bringing back its own set of distinct memories.  But as the path begins to steepen and the steps get larger, I can feel how my initial desire to stave of the cold has caught up with me, and god’s most uncomfortable microclimate is developing beneath my shell.  If you’ve never heard of it before there are two types of people that exercise, the hot and the cold runners. Cold runners like warm climates; they’re drawn to them. Being nature’s natural iceboxes, they are forever dammed to a life of multiple jumpers, cold feet and hot beverages. We hot runners however live a life of polar opposites, being able to keep warm in the coldest of environments. They can normally be spotted in marathons or other sporting events wearing nothing more than a pair of short shorts, dripping sweat and staving of the cold with our natural ability to radiate heat (not to be mistaken for ego runners).


I am of the later party, and whilst this is fantastic for keeping out the elements, if I overcompensate it catches up with me very quickly. Jumping behind a large rock I dropped my pack and quickly pulled of the fleece, INSTANT relief! Cramming it into the top of my pack, I watched at how the steam rose of it, instantly evaporating into nothing. If it’s this cold at the base heaven knows what it going to be like at the top. Pushing on things where so much nicer, in my new found comfort I made good time getting up and over the first small crest, thus easing me nicely round onto the main trail. For the last few steps up this initial stage you can see how with every footstep the view opens up, and the Snowdon horseshoe presents itself in all its Glory. When the weather holds on a good day, straight ahead you can see the waves of the Irish sea lapping onto shore, and as your eyes follow right, cresting up above are the east and west summits of Y Lliwedd. Then with a shallow and low curve separating them, your eye is drawn to the central summit, Snowdon itself.  No time to sit and admire the view though, its cold, light is short and I have a mountain to climb. 



The Main Event

As it twists and turns up and under Crib Goch, the Pyg track slowly climb’s up the right flank of Snowdon, and along its rocky and wet path, it slowly reveals some of the best views available in the horseshoe. With each pause take to gain my breath and recover my legs, I can see the final destination edging its way forever closer, every now and again peering through the cloud breaks calling me on. Moving quickly over the terrain I’m actually making goodtime. One of the greatest fears about being up in the mountains is being caught out in the dark, especially when you aren’t prepared for it, and this Is a mistake I can guarantee you will only make once. With this fear in mind I make it a priority to start and summit early, taking my time to enjoy the scenery on the way back down. Hitting the snowline about an hour and a half after I started, I can feel the excitement building in me, after all this is the whole reason I’m here!



As those first footsteps connect with the snow, those rising feelings of pain and ache are instantly replaced with joy and excitement. The childishly joyful feelings of leaving fresh footprints and my own trail have never left me, even as a grown adult. The downside to snow however is that things start to become that little bit more dangerous.  Ask any mountain rescuer or local climbers and they will all tell you that the most dangerous part of Snowdon is the final zigzag up the Pyg track. The path reaches a point where it can no longer follow its steady climb, and so for the final few hundred meters, the path sharply backtracks itself steeply up the mountainside.


At the top of the zigzag standing proudly on the ridge of the mountain, a huge 3 metre slate pillar presents itself, a reassuring marker in these conditions. With no shelter or windbreaks and immersed in the clouds, the temperature now drops to -15. Sheet ice crystals 5cm long have formed over every available surface and I can feel the freeze run through my jacket. I know from here on there is no decent shelter, and the higher I go it will only get worse. Throwing on my fleece and fresh gloves, I wrap up tightly to keep in the remaining warmth as I orientate my compass for Garnedd Ugain.  It can be a very intimidating experience when your visibility drops to 10ft, and when there is no one else to be found it only exaggerates that feeling. Trusting and understating your equipment is one of the most vital and crucial elements to mountaineering, getting it wrong is a very real risk of death


I made my first and last error in these moments. Even though I had orientated my compass and new the direction, I still trusted and believed in my eyesight. I began to follow what I thought was a clear and defined trail up to the peak, grave mistake. After around ten minutes of hiking, the path faded into nothing, and with the snow and ice building up all over it only made conditions even worse. Fortunately in these situations you can still use logic, after all I’m climbing a peak so if I’m heading up, I have to be going in the right direction! Turning back and heading up the mound I had been traversing, I realized I had taken a wider route than was necessary and within a few minutes I could see the summit I was searching for.  A cracked and heavily weathered trig point, I could see damage years of exposure to these elements have caused, but no time to admire Snowdon still calls. Descending back down I head south keeping the ridge and the slate pillar to my left as a I pass. On a clear day can watch how the gulls silently rise from the valley below up over your heads, riding on the thermals.


Connecting up with the Railway line it’s a straight run from here up to the summit. Stepping in the tracks of others, I keep my head down to shut out the wind and push on.  For this trip I had been wearing my soft-shell (semi breathable and showerproof jacket) and now having been on the summit for an extended period, I could see how my sweat evaporation was beginning to freeze to the outside of my clothing. At the top of Snowdon sits a quaint little café, connected to a railway line, thus allowing the less abled and exhausted a comfortable and relaxing experience of getting up, and enjoying the views. Closed in winter, the café had long been boarded up and buried in ice and snow, another reminder at how powerful the elements are up here.  Overall I probably only spent 10 minutes up on the summit, an obligatory selfie and quick snack, I could feel the warmth slipping away from me. From the summit heading down is just as straightforward as heading up. Follow the railway down until you reach the slate pillar, and its time to turn.


The constant roar of wind up on the ridge to the peace and tranquility of the sheltered horseshoe is such a stark difference. The sigh of relief as I finally drop down out of the wind, that feeling of such warmth and peace. Heading back down the zigzag I used my ice axe to cut out deeper steps to stand in. One mistake here and it’s a 500ft drop to realize how badly I fucked up. Taking it steady I made good time getting down, dropping down out of the cloud line I could instantly feel the warmth as I leave the snow and ice behind me. Retracing my steps I followed the track about halfway, stopping just as it splits into two. Still frozen and covered in thick ice, I laid down my pack and pulled of my shell. I judged it would be another hour before I got back to the car and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. A quick bite on a (now frozen) Cliff bar and cramming my fleece and spare kit into my rucksack I set of for the final leg of my journey back down to the car.






Rip Curl Women’s Pro – Round 1,2 & 3 Results



The ladies hit the waves and we are excited to see what they have to offer. Will be interesting to see how they perform after the Quick pro results a few weeks ago.

source WSL

Round 1

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.35Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.40.45Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.41.03


Round 2

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.29Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.46.40

Round 3

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.50.54Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.51.03

Rip Curl Pro – Bells Beach 2016 – Round 1 Results


So it is that time again! The 55th annual Rip Curl Po competition. The longest running professional surf competition in the world! The event takes place in Bells beach down in Victoria Australia and sees the best of the best come together and compete for the title.

Here are the round one results from Bell’s Beach – source WSL

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.12.37Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.12.48Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.06Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.22

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.31Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 14.13.42

Boardmasters Festival 2016

We are all booked up and can’t wait – who is all going to be there??

Source (boardmasters)

2016 Comps & Surfers

Boardmasters Festival is not all about the music. Since 1981 we have been an integral part of the British surf scene. From humble beginnings as a small surf competition, we are now proud to present one of the biggest events on the professional British surfing calendar; not to mention the music festival. Join us in the lazy summer sun and celebrate the surfing lifestyle! All professional surfing events are held Fistral Beach and best of all, they’re free for all spectators.

Our champions of surf in 2015 were Hodei Collazo (Men’s Open), Peony Knight (Womens Open), Edouard Delpero (Longboard), Alice Lemoigne (Longboard) and Justine Mauvin (Juniors). This year there are four categories of surf comps, conpetitors will be confirmed soon!



The world famous international surf competition will this year be included as part of the World Surf League qualifying series. Featuring as a QS1000 event, Boardmasters will host the Boardmasters Men’s Open, the Boardmasters Women’s Open and the Boardmasters Men’s and Women’s Longboard contests.  This cements Boardmasters as the most high-profile event in the UK’s surf calendar.

Boardmasters will feature as stop #29 on the WSL international qualifying series tour, giving surfing professionals the opportunity to come to Cornwall to be in with the chance of gaining valuable points in their quest to reach the eilte platform of professional surfing, the Championship Tour (CT).

Fistral Beach, the UK’s premier surfing destination, will again host Boardmasters, with professional surfers travelling from around the globe we will get to see who will become this years Boardmasters champion.  The highly anticipated Boardmasters QS1000 will then run from Wednesday 10th until Sunday 14th August 2016 and the action will kick off with the Boardmasters Men’s Open.  Boardmasters will offer Britain’s best professional surfers, such as Ben Skinner, Luke Dillon, Jobe Harris and Lucy Campbell the chance to compete at an international level whilst in home waters.

Boardmasters promises to deliver five days of exhilarating surf action at one of Cornwall’s must stunning beach settings. Fans and festivalgoers alike are expected to descend on the UK’s surf capital to check out and support both the British pro surfers and the travelling international surfing professionals.  We cannot wait to see who will lift the coverted Boardmasters title this year and their portion of the $30,500 prize purse.



Meet the Craftsmen! Salt & Silver by Katie


Introducing Katie Rudd an inspired crafts woman behind Salt & Silver Jewellery.


Salt & Silver Jewellery

Salt & Silver Jewellery is a small, handmade jewellery company based on the East coast of England, owned by Katie. In 2013 Katie began making jewellery as a hobby and made gifts for family and friends, the word spread quickly and in early 2014 she designed her first collection and officially set up the company and began trading.


Having always lived by the coast and having enjoyed surfing in her teenage years Katie was naturally drawn to beach style designs and still draws her inspiration from the ocean and natural environment. Her style of jewellery has a rugged and organic finish, while maintaining timeless elegance, always. Each piece has been individually designed and handmade in her home workshop, in the small coastal town of Cleethorpes. This handmade approach makes each piece entirely unique.


Passionate about protecting the world we live in and the creatures who live alongside us Katie has created most of her jewellery from recycled 925 sterling silver (Eco Silver), and has designed a collection using beautiful pieces of sea-glass and beach pottery that she has collected when scouring the beach and removing rubbish and junk that has washed up. All packaging is made from recycled paper and card, waste from her jewellery making process is minimal and any waste that is created is then melted back down to be re-used.

Things have moved quickly since the business was set up and Katie has been inundated with orders from the collection, even so she always sets time aside to create bespoke creations and custom orders, working closely with her client to create something truly special.



Instagram- @saltandsilverjewellery

Meet the Athletes! Federico Infantino

He dropped his foot on a board for the very first time in 1998 at the N.S.T, an italian windsurfing school managed by Paolo Ghione. He started by competing in the Aloha class entering in the National Team in 2003. Yet something was missing , he needed more adrenaline . So, in 2006 left the world competitions to blast into the most estreme discipline of this sport : Wave riding.

Born among on-shore wind and shore break , Fede starts riding foreigner waves in 2008 at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria, the ideal ramp for his windsurfing career . In the following years he trains among the South Africa and Canary Islands, improving his windsurfing proficiency . He started competiting for the Italian title and called in for the biggest Mediterranean wave contest  among 16 others invited riders. Very soon after, Fede during a training in Tenerife, El Medano, passed the PWA selections and started to build up his muscles on the World Cup Tour.


He started the 2012 over the top with the 1° place at the International Contest: Fuerte Wave Classic. He followed the American Tour AWT in Hawaii Islands and decided to get involved in Australia  where actually is living in Margaret River. Moreover Fede joins into the GoPro team and he is the Production Manager and Starring of the new Windsurfing & Surfing Movie That’s Surf West shoot in the Wild Western Australia.

Ita-999 is his Sailor Number, Fede is also involved into some windsurfing research and development with his sponsors and he is the Team Manager of the Windsurfing Company MaverX Masts.


His Sponsors Are: MaverX Masts, GoPro, Goya Windsurfing, MFC Hawaii, Quatro International, Flymount, Elii Visual Art.


FB: Federico Infantino Ita – 999
Instagram: FedeIta999
Twitter: Federico Infantino

Meet the Craftsmen! Daisy Brown

Daisy Brown (b. 1993) is an Aussie artist, freelance illustrator and designer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Inspired by the small town that sits on the edge of paradise, Daisy’s illustrations mirror the reality of her experiences, psychedelics, wildlife and serene surroundings of the natural environment. Daisy’s unique work celebrates the unanimity and energy of peace and love, and offers an escape from reality… Here, animals boast three eyes, symbols become organic objects and faces melt into lickable patterns.


Pipe Guy Fab Print-2


Showcasing her versatility as an artist, Daisy works on a variety of mediums; virtually on any surface; including paper, canvas, woodblock, tile, brick wall, skateboards and surfboards.

The artist has expanded her collection to industrial materials such as quality stretched canvas, acrylic glass and brushed aluminium.

Other merchandise in the near future of production includes stickers, magnets, embroidered patches, ceramics, iPhone cases and more!





More recently, Daisy has recently ventured into the digital realm, editing and designing original illustrations. Many of these artworks are printed onto quality apparel as part of her new clothing range:

DAZED transparent-2


Jelly Black MTS



As an extension of Daisy’s own imagination, her playful illustrations invite you to expand your consciousness and dive into her alternate reality. She openly encourages artists interested in collaborating, and lovers of original and commissioned artwork, to contact her.



Roxy Pro 2016 Final Results!

Over at the Roxy Pro final we saw Tyler Wright take the win after the shock exit of Carissa Moore in the Semi Finals. You can watch her winning ride above.

Tyler Wright AUS – Wave 1:8.17 Wave 2: 6.50 Total: 14.67
Courtney Conlogue – Wave 1: 5.17 Wave 2: 5.77 Total:10.94
Semi Finals
Heat 1
Tyler Wright AUS – Wave 1: 5.67 Wave 2: 8.50 Total: 14.17

Carissa Moore HAW- Wave 1: 6.50 Wave 2: 7.50 Total:14.00
Heat 2
Courtney Conlogue USA – Wave 1: 7.10 Wave 2: 8.17 Total: 15.27

Johanne Defay FRA- Wave 1: 4.50 Wave 2: 16.00 Total: 10.50 
Quater Finals
Heat 1

Tyler Wright AUS  -Wave 1: 8.60 Wave 2: 6.50 Total: 15.10

Stephanie Gilmore AUS – Wave 1: 8.60 Wave 2: 5.23 Total: 13.83
Heat 2
Carissa Moore HAW – Wave 1: 5.50 Wave 2: 7.00 Total: 12.50
Malia Manuel HAW – Wave 1: 6.07 Wave 2: 3.50 Total: 9.57
Heat 3

Courtney Collogue USA- Wave 1: 7.00 Wave 2: 8.17 Total: 15.17

Sage Ericsson USA – Wave 1: 4.33 Wave 2: 5.67 Total: 10.00
Heat 4
Johanne Defay FRA – Wave 1: 5.33 Wave 2: 7.17 Total: 12.50

Tatiana Weston-Webb HAW – Wave 1: 4.57 Wave 2: 4.97 Total: 9.54