Wandering down this road through life…

Gus graduated from Uni about a month ago and since then, has done his very best not to stay inside! He has been splitting his time between working in the woods and teaching children outdoor education – he truly is the spirit of the Great Venture!

We always enjoy his sporadic updates and so thought that on a dreary Thursday morning you may enjoy a little insight into his life too!


From small seeds….

If you are stumbling across this blog or have come here via our FB/Instagram or website……Welcome!!

Great Venture Surf Co. is a company that has been set up by Gus and Alec Warriner and myself. The whole concept came into being a couple of years ago when Gus and his girlfriend, Vicky, were looking at their plans for life after uni and after sometime traveling around Bali and meeting lots of like minded people, decided  to set up a  surf and life style brand. In early February 2015, Alec Warriner and I (Nicole Duncan) decided we wanted to get on board and really put our energy into making it work. Between the three of us we had experience in marketing, advertising and Gus was able to bring the creative element and the outdoor practical experience. This mean that between us we felt that we had a strong foundation to move forward with the company.

Well it has been a busy busy few months since that cold and blustery February day! We started off with lots of meetings about the plan for the brand, discussion about company formation and also trying to make some decisions on the direction for the future but we have a plan in place and are excited to get going!


We would love to keep you up to date on all the trials and tribulations we face over the next year as we ramp up to our launch and we promise it won’t all be business, we will also keep you up to date on the fun stuff we do too! If this sounds like your cup of tea, please remember to subscribe and we will hopefully be seeing you again soon!

GVS Co. Xxx